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6 Photo Special is great. What are some other good Indian snuffs?

6 Photo Special is the first Indian snuff I've ever tried, and darned if I'm not just burning through that tin faster than all the rest.  It's got a great fragrance, a good kick, and it doesn't stuff me up near as bad as most other snuffs.  And I don't even normally like menthols!  

I'm gonna have to re-up pretty soon, and I'd like to try some other good Indian snuffs.  In particular, I'd love to find a good plain one.  Is there anything comparable to F&T HDT?  Just like a plain, buttery, non-scented one?  I'd also be interested in a plain dark one, with that burnt tire scent you get behind a Kendal Brown.  


  • If your a fan of Special ; Anarkali, Kailash & Motia are in the same boat, Black, fragrant and decongestant.
    Dholakia Toasted madras, close to a toast
    Dholakia Sparrow Plain jane high nicotine
     Dholakia Has various levels of toasts none that compare to F&T HDT or WoS IHT22 
    6 Photo has a natural, seems to be mentholated
    41 photo yellow lily has very little scent, Also comes in scented and Mint. Plain not buttery.

    Fubar, Blast, Temptation and Wow are Dholakia products many use the same base tobacco . Snafu is a plain powerhouse.
    41 Photo White Elephant, Dholakia White,Fubar Willie Pete are fine whites with no added scents. 6 Photo Cheetah is scented; all are for the experienced snuffer.  There are plenty of Indian snuffs on the market you either love them or hate them.
    The best Chocolate snuff hands down is Dholakia Swiss Chocolate a must have for any collector. Good on it's own and makes an excellent mixer for your candy nose 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • The Shaman is far more knowledgeable of these snuffs than I am. I've only tried a few of the Indian snuffs. My top picks are Anarkali, Kailash, and Super Kailash, although I find them to be occasional snuffs rather than all-dayers. I have some Snafu Plain to try in an unopened tin, but I'm not going to attempt that unless heavily congested, as that's the only time I can use the real finely ground snuffs.
  • Dholakia Sparrow is great. I bought some in bulk ages ago. Time to bring it back out.
  • I can't stand menthol either. Just got a few Indian snuffs in to try. I'm new to the Indian ones and have fallen in love. 6 Photo Begum Chhap starts with a menthol kick that clears the sinuses to prepare for the oncoming scent of beautiful sweet roses. I never thought I would like anything described this way. But I love it!

    Dholakia Black may be a good "plain", non-perfumed dark snuff. The scent is best described as barnyard but in a way you'd never thought you'd love.
  • The Indians are generally good with menthol. I can't stand most menthols, but the Indians ten to scale it back to the point where it doesn't to dominate.
  • ^^^ Same here
  • as far as nicotine content, cheetah seems to hit me harder than the others although im sure thats not true for a lot of others. as ive also noticed with snus, some hit me hard that others. thunder ultra strong and odens extreme have the same nic content but the buzz i get from odens is much bigger than thunder
  • I haven't found an Indian snuff I do not like. Granted, I haven't tried then all. I have a decent collection, though.

    I have been on a run with Dholakia Ganga for a while now. Great rose flavor.

    Some of the really spicy ones I take on an irregular basis. They do seem to get the menthol right in their snuffs.
  • I have a craving for Kamal every now and again, very well balanced though a tad hard to take at the moment
  • You should try them all. They cover almost the entire range of incense like scents to plain toasts, even the African style snuffs. I like them all pretty well with the exception of Black Joe, a coffee scented snuff that just didn't agree with me.
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