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Are the any snuffs on the market that have an Oud oil scent?

Modern perfumery has seen a surge in the use of Oud oil quite recently, due to the Oud market opening up to the whole world. Oud oil comes from a special kind of parasite that infects Agarwood which causes the Tree to create this rare and very unique oil. I absolutely love the scent of Oud and was wondering if there are any snuffs that use this oil in the scenting of their tobacco?


  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I don't think there is one, but I've made it myself, just using an unscented snuff as the base, placing it in a sealed box with a spoon smeared with the oil inside the box and leaving it for three days.

    Probably better to make it yourself anyway, you can control the quality of the oil more. As you know, the good stuff is expensive.

    I live in Indonesia, from where much of the world's gaharu comes. I've got a friend in the trade, he's taught me a lot about it. Fascinating hobby.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I thought Oud were weird squid faced creatures on Doctor Who :D

    Interesting topic

    Hehe. Wiki has a disambiguation page, so maybe.

    The real high grade stuff goes for up to 100k a kilo with Saudi princes competing with Japanese CEOs to see who canf pay more. Me mate says there's not that much difference between the top stuff and one grade down, which goes for a fraction of the price. Some people just gotta have the best and they like to compete with others to get it.
  • @JakartaBoy That is correct, it is probably one of my most expensive oils. The current Oud I have at the moment is $599 usd for 2.5g which is a wild harvest, though my last batch was $275 for 2.5g. The difference I have noticed between these two is the $599 oil smells much more deep, with a much more complex woody aroma with a sweet amber and leathery note, where as the $275 Oud oil came from a different region and a much younger tree, it was not as heavy with a more musky Sandalwood, Cedar wood scent that was not as leathery. I prefer the $599 oil, though is it twice as strong or twice as good as the $275? I believe it really comes down to what you are going to use it for. Though I do not personally believe the oil for $599 should be double the price. Both smell devine 
  • @Aamon, a while back, I had an assignment in the Kerinci national park, in South Sumatra. There's a semi nomadic group that lives there, the Rimba, very cagey about dealing with outsiders, only a few boys have started going to school over the last generation. They gather wild gaharu in the forest and sell it for cash to buy tobacco. I should have bought some, but it was before I knew anything about it.

    Up until the early seventies, they used something called "blind trade." They didn't want to meet or interact with the people in the villages, but they wanted the tobacco and a few other things. So they left gaharu, honey and so on at the edge of the village in the night, and the next night the villagers left out the tobacco and whatever. They are a bit more used to outsiders now, but you still never ever see the women.
  • @JakartaBoy Amazing story this about the tribals !

    India too has some pockets of tribals ,deep inside forests of madhya pradesh. They use a lot of snuff 
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