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Censorship of adverse comments ?

There was recently some adverse comments about the service from a well known snuff retailer here .

The article title in my bookmarks reads    "Appalling Service - Snuffhouse" .

This was one chaps interesting outpourings about the abysmal service and responses that he had received from the staff .

I bookmarked the article but the bookmark no longer works and when I use the search the title appears but the article itself has vanished.

Somebody attached a video from " Uncle Squinty" on youtube with his rant.

Has this been censored as it is no longer available?



  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited December 2016 PM
    Lol, The "well known snuff retailer" that pays his own money to keep this site up and running?? I can say for sure, I personally did not touch that thread. As far as I know, no one else did. Maybe someone else will speak up but I'm very confidant that it was not on Dave's instructions. 
  • For the record... I personally HATE "whiner threads" when people apply for an account and never contribute anything positive, their sole purpose is only to bad-mouth a vendor. I've seen correspondence in which "members" try to extort free snuff in exchange for stopping the negative comments. If it were up to me, I would delete all the negative threads and ban the members that start them! Truthfully, Dave asks me not to!!
  • Hello miamimark.

    You have a genuine valid point about non contributing  whiner threads and extortionists.

    I wouldn't dare to put the original poster into that category and in no way should this be taken as a slurr against him.

    Extortionists must  be on really hard times if they believe that a few tins of extorted snuff are not to be sniffed at.     

    It is jolly fishy though that hopefully, honestly reported negative press should vanish in this way. 


  • From my "behind the scenes" look at the FACTS involved, the whole fuss was about less than $1.00 worth of EXPIRED points. Then came the conspiracy theories accusing our fine members of being scheming con artists trying to create a buying panic in regards to new laws.
    Dave is too much of a gentleman to put certain facts out into the general forum. I, obviously, don't have that problem! :-)
  • Nice to get a clear perspective Mark, thanks for the insight. :)

    As for the "whiners", I'll admit that I have been one in the past. I had to work through the frustrations to get to the other side, so to speak. Even now, there are times when I'll get a bee in my bonnet about something, and need to vent. It's only through that process that we can progress, and realistically how many of us have other snuffers to discuss matters with away from here.

    We often get them on another forum I'm on, where my post count is nearly 13k. We'll try to coax them round to seeing things from more than one perspective, and many of them come through the darkness. Of course we also get the malevolant arseholes who are just in it for the arguement too, but thankfully they tend to be in the minority, and disappear on their own when they realise that's not what we're about.

    Thankfully snuffhouse also seems grown up enough to avoid much idiocy. We've had a few tossers in the past, but they don't seem to have made the transition across sites. The few rants we do get here seem to be genuine but quickly resolved. I think it's great that Dave doesn't over censor too, and generally lets issued get played out to resolution.

    Just my 0.02
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited December 2016 PM
    Did you want that . 02 in MS points?? lol. There is nothing wrong with a longtime contributing member posting comments about a problem with ANY snuff vendor. As Dave told me... "It keeps us on our toes" 
    I only refer to members that join for the sole reason of complaining. 
    I truly believe this is the best forum on the web. Sometimes I'll put snuff aside for a period of time but I'll still check in here on SH daily. I've learned so much about so many things other than snuff, from people from all over the world! 
    Easiest moderating job on the planet! :-)
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited December 2016 PM

    $1.00 worth of EXPIRED loyalty points !

    Well I have learned something now.      Not worth putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard for that.

    Don't knock the one dollar though. 

    With the UK Pound to Dollar exchange rate going the way it is, I will probably be able to live a life of luxury on  $1.00. in the UK soon.

    Cheers everyone.


  • AamonAamon Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I completely agree with all the posts, I believe this is the most civilized forum I have been on. I sign in daily and have notice even those members who are venting get caught up in the motions like im sure we all do sometimes, then often apologize for their remarks soon after. I enjoy the wide diversity of open minded mature people with vast oceans of knowledge whos opinions I enjoy and truly value. When it comes to tobacco products and all these new regulations coming into place there is no surprise that this is a tense time for snuff users in the EU, on any lesser forum this would cause absolute utter chaos, I do admire how this group comes together rather than going at each others throats. This past year has been a pleasure
  • Let's just be happy that it has not been eradicated altogether!

  • beautiful, @nicmizer is that Virginia?
  • DxxDxx Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I'm with Mark Twain on censorship: it's telling a man he can't have steak because a baby can't chew it.

    (did I read that on here somewhere?)
  • @Aamon happens to be Aztec Rustica that I grew last summer.
  • I remember the thread that you are talking about. I believe it was due to not having points added to their membership and being unable to use the points or coupon codes. The issue was apparently sorted out within a day or two between the retailer and the buyer. The thread may have been deleted because the issue had been sorted.
  • Know we know what happened I think it is time to put this one to bed.

    Thank you all.

    Topic closed

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