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Dholakia Black - The Perfect Snuff?

I just made my first foray into Indian snuff. Dholakia Black, Dholakia White, 6 Photo Super Kalish, and 6 Photo Begum Chhap came in on my last snuff order. I have to say I love them all. They have been a major break from anything else I've ever tried.

I now believe Dholakia Black is the perfect snuff.

Dholakia Black is a perfect example of a non-perfumed and non-spiced Indian snuff. Though Indian snuffs are generally praised for their amazing combinations of perfectly balanced menthol, attar of roses, and/or incredibly unique Indian herbs and spices; this snuff represents the perfect base of an Indian snuff.

Dholakia Black is incredibly easy to take. It has a decent nicotine content. The texture is absolutely amazing. The moisture content is perfect and the scent will take your mind back to a place where nature is what humanity comes from.

If you can't enjoy this scent it is because you don't understand where the things we live off of come from.


  • I like it, but not on a daily basis. Same for Kailash and the other super spicy ones. I can, however, take Dholakia White or White Elephant daily. That's the great thing about snuff-there is something for everyone.
  • I absolutely agree!

    For me this snuff takes me to a time and place where I am communing with nature. That is what makes it perfect to me.
  • The perfect snuff: Sam Gawith Black Rappee.  Potent, salty, and delicious.
  • This snuff is one of those that has changed on me. I believe in a separate post it was my least favorite snuff. This was one of the ones on my first snuff order and did not like the snuff at all at the time. Though after trying and working my way through plain natural snuffs while trying this again yesterday I really like this snuff, its not my favorite though will be using this again much more frequently in the future.
  • I like this snuff, though I don't use it often. It has a great texture and lots of nicotine, but it's pretty messy for me. I get black dust all over myself, thats why I don't use it very often.
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