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Dr. Rumney's Snuff

I ordered 4 tins of the new WoS Dr. Rumney's Snuff Blue from MrSnuff. I noticed that the labels appear to have the same background pattern as the old Illingsworth Dr. Rumney tin. So my question, I guess, is whether or not this is the original Dr. Rumey's now under contract by WoS or if this is a new snuff altogether. Anyone have an Idea or opinion?


  • Or, is it a new naming system for some familiar WoS flavors that can no longer be referred to as fruits, etc. which EU bureaucracy considers as a snare to the youth?
  • I wondered about that too, because I recall that WoS made Dr. Rumney's under contract at some point before. So maybe it's actually SM Blue in a new can or something? If so, I'm fine with that as I like SM Blue. But it would be interesting if it was a revived snuff.
  • I've wondered about this too. I ordered a couple tins, but haven't got them yet. Also, over at Lil Brown Smoke Shack, they sell 10 g tins of Dr. R. They've had it for several years, and it has the old style label, which just says Dr. Rumney's. Worth a look if you're in the U.S.
  • The Dr. Rumney's I get from my local is the same kind they sell on lilbrown. Normal WoS label.
  • Just got my order in and I am hard pressed to tell any difference between this snuff and SM blue. Possibly slightly less menthol and more camphor but that could just be down to batch variance. Still very good.
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