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Sharrow Mentholated Vac Tin

I was just cruising Mr. Snuff to figure out what to do with my Xmas money and saw a new WoS Sharrow Mentholated in a vac tin. Now SM is one of my favorite WoS snuffs and if it now comes in vac tins that is a Christmas Miracle for me. Question is will the rest of the line that they are keeping be moving over to vac tins because that would be amazing considering that most of snuffhouse has been complaining about the old WoS tins since the stone age.


  • Actually I guess this isn't as new as I thought. Just new to me, still awesome though.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    New to me aswell.
    I love WoS menthols though, theyre hands down the best..too bad I run out of them fast, I tend to give to friends with stuffy noses etc.
    "Damn! That worked really well! Where did you get this? Not even my nasal spray can open me up like this!"
    Being me, I give them the tin...definately ordering more wos menthols.
  • I missed those on my recent order. But I saw a snuff I'd never seen before: Dr Rumney's Blue. I ordered a couple tins. I like all the WoS menthols and medicated, and have amassed a large collection  for future use. I'll have to check out the above mentioned snuff soon, before it becomes unavailable.
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