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A New Record - The Slowest US Delivery to Date, 51 Days!

This has to be the slowest delivery we've had.  I can't believe it actually reached the customer after all that time. 


  • any idea what happened to it?
  • Just making it's way very slowly down to Florida. I think it went by bicycle.
  • US customs - such a mystery to me 
  • Its got to be a Cast Away situation, stuck on a deserted island for 40 days. Was it sent by FedEx?
  • It probably got misplaced at one of the post offices dropped behind something & was finally found a few weeks later,  you never know , shit happens right!
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • I had a package do some strange stuff and take forever. It was not a snuff order. When I finally got it I understood why because the address label was so abused it was amazing they got it to me.

  • Florida has all kinds of pill and drug problems. Just like anywhere else but that place is bad. No wonder why it took so long, I'm sure it was customs.
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