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White Elephant - The smell

John_NailJohn_Nail Member
edited December 2016 in Types of Snuff
Got a 150g tin of white elephant, it is really good but it doesn't smell nothing like fish, it smells like some kind of dirt. Anyone else thinks the same thing ?


  • Those metal tins have a breach half the time.  If your tin has an opening anywhere, maybe the fish food smell has already aired out.  Just a theory.  It does kind of smell like tobacco dirt otherwise, which I'm a fan of.  
  • LloLlo Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    After a few months, the fishy smell went away to me. Now when I use it, I get a very mild toasty smell. Still hard to sniff. I learned to just stick my finger in it and sniff off what stuck.
  • Yeah, it probably aired out, it's a shame, im a fan of fish smell  :P As for potency it kinda wakes you up real good. Lots of energy. Thanks on the comments!
  • Does snuff go bad? I chucked half a tin of WE recently which had developed a distinct rankness. Before that it was jolly nice and decidedly fishy.
  • I wish I could get WE in smaller amounts. Instead of buying a 150g tub to try it out.
  • @psicko, I have a ton of WE, I can send a sampler if youre interesred.
  • I think WE is top tier white. Earthy aroma, mildly sweet imho.
  • @Psicko, it's sometimes available in 35 gram tins. Regrettably, supplies at MS seem to be somewhat irregular of late, as with all the White Indians.
  • Smells like  heaven
  • Smelled of fish food and body odor to me (same with other indian whites). Firmly in the 'never again' category for me.
  • I just took the last few pinches from my only ever tin of WE a few days ago. I've had it since I first started snuffing, so about 4 years. The fishy smell was there strongly at the start and subsided over time, by the time I got to the last 1/5 of the tin the fish had swam off. It was still enjoyable to take and had acquired a darker tan colour and more moistness (35g tins are not airtight. I need to buy more.

    Another interesting thing, for anyone who makes it to the bottom of a WE tin, is the recycled tin they use has brand logo's from other products. I got a blue font that had only 3 or 4 letters so I couldn't make anything from it. I need to buy more, I might get the other half of the message.
  • Kind of smells like semen to me. Highly overrated.
  • Decaying plaster on the walls of a soon to be condemned Victorian back-to-back. Absolutely fantastic!
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