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Ari D Norman snuff box

Does anyone have an  Ari D Norman snuffbox ?  I mean the genuine snuff box about 2.5" long an inch wide and half inch deep. They do three versions on their web site,  plain, engraved and engine turned finish.   Meant specially  as a snuffbox not the trinket boxes they do.

I was wondering how airtight and snuff tight the hinge and lid closure is.

Anyone have any experience of these boxes, good or bad it would be nice to know.



  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I have it!  I finally got a camera so I'll clean the box out and try to get some pics soon.  No internet outside of the office but I'll try to post tomorrow.

    -The shape makes it very comfortable to pinch from.
    -The lid is not "airtight", but the hinge/lid certainly keep the snuff in.  There is no leakage unless violently shaken with intent, and even then just a very light dusting.  I'm perfectly happy with the closure with my finest grinds.
    -The reservoir is much larger than I can snuff in one day. By the end of the second day the snuff is dried out.  And while it feels nice in the pocket, it is perhaps a bit too thick to be unnoticeable.  However, that said, I prefer the size as is for pinching comfort.

    Unexpectedly it has become my favorite silver box, and is a "daily driver" for me.  I say unexpectedly
    because I was initially displeased with the build.  It feels quite thin compared
    to thick/bulky/hand-worked antique silver boxes I'd used prior.  (1909 Edward Horton/Early 19th century French)  Also, the lining on the inside is sort of "bubbled" like some electro-plating
    gone awry.  (Clearly I know nothing about silver work, but pics will
    elucidate once I get them.)

    Overall, I would recommend it if you have the cash and feel like splurging.  I would guess they'll have some discount code around Valentine's Day.

  • 365s
  • And here's a shot of the "bubbling" I mentioned.

  • Thank you for the photographs.

    It looks a lot bigger alongside the tins than their website leads you to believe it is.

    Nice to see it has the sealing walls soldered inside the lid.  I saw a similar box recently that didn't have these and the lid just sat on top of the box, didn't look very good in the way of keeping fine snuffs in.  Yours looks like the bees knees though.

    The bubbling inside looks like it could be a bit of silver solder gone astray.

    I am definitely going to get one but will wait until St valentines day as you suggested, I might get a bit knocked off in a sale.


  • Nice photos, and gorgeous tin. My first thought when I saw the bubbling was that it had been repaired, as if the sheet had split while being swaged into the form. I may well be wrong though, and even if I am correct, it's still a lovely snuffbox.
  • Very nice! You say it does leak a little though huh?
  • Sounds like you have to be on a trampoline to make it leak, so I think it would still be suitable for me.

  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    @ArtChoo I'd say the box holds 6g comfortably.  The McChrystal's tin next to it is 3.5g, I believe.  It is bigger than I expected, but overall I am very pleased with the size.  (I should have snapped a pic next to the DeKralingse boxes... it's substantially smaller than those.  Maybe tomorrow.)

    @50ft_trad I don't think it was repaired.  If so, it was an excellent repair job.  Admittedly though, I'm clueless when it comes to this.

    @CaptShipwreck Sorry, my wording was a little confusing.  No, it does not leak.  I am comfortable with it holding the finest of fine grinds with no mess whatsoever.  BUT: it you shake it like a maniac trying to make snuff come out... a minuscule dusting is likely to escape.
  • For size comparison.

    25g/50g F&T, 25g Toque, 3.5g McChrystals, 30g DeKralingse.

  • You may want to try to seal it with bees wax, that's what I do
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