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Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health - Did you stop smoking with snuff?

We are putting together a data pack, for the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, on the harm reduction value of snuff, including the analytical evidence showing the statistical benefits of switching to snuff. 

We also require a list of snuff users who have stopped smoking by switching to snuff. Please give us your abbreviated stories?


  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited December 2016 PM

    20 year pack a day cigarette smoker.

    I tried vaping, cold turkey, Chantix, pipe smoking, chewing gum and everything else. Snuff is what worked for me.

    I am in the US and not sure if I will count, although we American snuff takers are putting some money in England's economy :P
  • Well, I loved my pipes. Then I found snuff. Since my discovery of the joys of nasal snuff, I've had no interest at all in smoking my pipes. So I've in effect quit, even though I had no desire to. 

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  • I got snuff because I couldn't smoke in my apartment. And after a while I just stopped smoking cigarettes because I'd want snuff not a smoke. It was not even an attempt. And I can now run without my lungs feeling like they're on fire.
  • I'm in the US, and because I'm able to have this new snuff hobby, with all these different kinds of snuff to enjoy, I was able to get my nicotine, keep my hands busy, without having to inhale the smoke into my lungs.  I'm thankful I found this snuff hobby.  
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I'm from Australia and I was a 40+ a day smoker, severely damaging my wallet and most definitely my lungs. I have tried all of the available "Quit smoking aids" that are available within Australia and could not go a week without jumping back on the cancer sticks. I was convinced that all tobacco products were as dangerous as cigarettes, though after researching the topic I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about snuff. I soon realized that this propaganda spun, was far from the truth.
    The day I decided to make an online order of snuff was the day my life changed completely. After about a month of slowly switching my 20 minute cigarette for a pinch, I very quickly found my self down from 40 cigarettes to 10, to 5 to 2 then to one and finally kicked the habit in the teeth. I cannot put into words how much better I am feeling psychologically, physically and monetary. No more coughing, no more struggling for breath every time I have to walk up the stairs and now I can actually play ball with my kids :)
    Unfortunately at this current time Snuff tobacco is not aloud to be sold within Australia due to an outdated ban from the 70's, designed for chewing tobacco not Nasal tobacco. Though fortunately it is legal to buy online for personal use. I would love to see other Australian smokers who are unable to quit using "quit smoking aids" introduced to snuff tobacco, because I am absolutely sure this can help others like it has helped me. Unfortunately snuff is still a tobacco product and is subjected to the tobacco advertising ban, so the only way us lucky few in the know can spread the word is by word of mouth which is very unfortunate and detrimental.

  • sorry if my story was a little wordy, I tried my best to cut it down though there was so much I felt I needed to say.
  • I smoked 30+ roll ups a day, and tried vape to kick the habit. I could get down to maybe 10 a day with vape, but could not make the full transition, nor sustain the lower consumption. It was only when I brought snuff into the equation that I finally managed to kick the habit, and have been off the smokes for 9 months. Snuff remains part of my ability to resist the cravings and avoid slipping back into cigarette smoking.
  • As an American living in the south, tobacco use was a common thing. I never did pick up smoking, but I did start dipping (American oral tobacco similar to Swedish Snus but less regulated and safe) at 18. 

    300+ cans later I discovered nasal snuff. I didn't immediately quit dipping but the more snuff I used the less I dipped. After a month or so the thought of dipping disgusted me. Its like my body could tell how much less harmful the snuff was for me and started preferring it. 

    What really blew my mind though, was that after a few weeks of nothing but snuff, it seemed to hit harder and harder leading to me using smaller pinches of snuff effectively weaning me off nicotine naturally. (I still use snuff but only handful of times per day. I take in a MUCH MUCH smaller quantity of tobacco daily then I used to.)

    My theory of why snuff had this effect is that:

    1. Snuff puts LESS nicotine into the body, but the way it absorbs through the nostrils FEELS stronger but doesn't increase tolerance if you already used tobacco products and can actually lower it. (Less is more)

    2. You subconsciously notice that snuff is healthier to the body and start preferring it over other tobacco products without thinking about it. 

    In conclusion, for me personally, nasal snuff has cured my addiction and replaced it with something more akin to a hobby. I am certain that I would have no problem quitting nicotine all together now if I chose to do so, something I would have struggled with in the past. 
  • I haven't smoked cigars at all since I restarted using snuff, about 8 years ago. Prior to that time, I smoked cigars, gave up cigarettes completely. Since I enjoy the smoke free aspect of snuff, I would never go back to smoking tobacco.
  • I have never had the habit of smoking cigarettes. I would smoke pipes and the occasional cigar. After I discovered snuff, I rarely smoke my pipes and cigars. Smoking pipes and cigars have become a more social thing for me. Plus now its winter, and I don't want to spend the extra time outside for a pipe or cigar if I don't have to.
  • Smoked for 10 years. Was concerned with my genetics being my grandfather died of throat cancer from smoking and my dad has emphysema. I was doing alot of research online figured i would give it a shot. Necer went back to smoking cigs that was roughly 5 yesrs ago.
  • @Codswallop I have been experiencing the same thing. I though it was just me, I seem to have cut down on snuff use unintentionally without trying. When I first made the transition I needed to take a few pinches every 20 minutes to replace the cigarette I would have usually smoked, though now I am taking a couple of pinches every few hours. I cannot explain it though this sounds very similar to what you have experienced. My tolerance to nicotine and my consumption of snuff has somehow decreased without intending or trying to decrease it.
  • edited January 2017 PM
    I started smoking very young and built up to where I was smoking almost 3 packs of full flavor cigarettes per day. This impacted my physical readiness evaluations during my time in the Navy. I first tried snuff when the submarine I was stationed on pulled into England in 2006. I thought it was awesome but not something I had ever seen or thought was available in the US. Flash forward to 2014 and I was worried about being able to maintain physical standards and thought about snuff again. I found Mr. Snuff and Toque through this forum and the rest is, as they say, history. No more expensive cigarettes, no more being out of breath, no more exposing my family to second hand smoke.
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I was smoker since 12 years old, generally a pack a day.  I've quit smoking repeatedly, but was only ever able to sustain for a few months before I was back smoking cigarettes.
    Since I started snuffing around July of 2015 (age 32) I've not "relapsed". My general health and sense of well-being has improved immensely.  I greatly credit snuff as a positive influence in my overall quality of life.  I generally snuff around 0.5-1g per day.
  • I used to smoke 20+ cigarettes a day, from the age of 12 until about the age of 40. I tried all sorts of nicotine chewing gum and other aids, with little success. Finally, using patches, I gave up for five years - but put on almost 20kg in weight and felt constant cravings. Eventually, I started smoking again, mainly a pipe (around eight bowls per day). A chance comment on a pipe forum lead me to snuff. I gave it a try, and soon found that I was able to give up smoking, while increasing the amount of exercise I did (swimming, riding a bike, long distance walking). Following a low carb diet, I'm now back to a very good weight (65kg) and don't smoke, except occasionally a cigar or a pipe, maybe once a week, and often not even that. I never experience cravings and feel happy and healthier than I have for years as a result of using snuff. With standard medication, my blood pressure has gone down from 'Stage 2 hypertension' to around the normal range. I don't pose a health risk to people around me, or a fire risk. I spend a lot less money. With all these positive impacts, snuff has probably increased my life expectancy by ten to fifteen years, and improved my quality of life immeasurably.

    Please feel free to use this testimony for any positive purpose.
  • I smoked for around 30 years from the age of 13 to the age of 44, anything from 20 to 40 a day.  I got so sick of being short of breath, short of money, coughing my lungs up every morning and so forth that i realised it had to stop.  I quit with a combination of snuff and e-cigs, but even the e-cigs dropped off to nothing and got thrown in the bin.  Now I take snuff exclusively.  I feel better about myself, have saved a lot of money, am healthier, and can go longer without snuff than I ever could without a cigarette.  In short it WORKED, and now I can honestly say I have no cravings for cigarettes/e-cigs at all.  Not only that but I am helping to support a number of small traditional manufacturers in Great Britain, some of which have been in business for over 200 years.  Their disappearance would be a loss to the historical heritage of this country.
  • Started smoking at 13 years old quit at 25 with snuff 56 now, Haven't smoked ciggs since , I do smoke cigars and a pipe but I don't inhale either so I don't consider them hard on my health. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • 30 years of 2 pack a day cigarette smoking. Snuff put an end to that. Unsuccessful was gum, the patch, and vaping.
  • I was a 20 or more cigarettes a day smoker for more than15 years (from 15 to 32 years old). Tried all possible ways to stop smoking (patch, nicotine gums, fake menthol cigarettes, even vaping) but nothing worked, this methods helped me to reduce the quantity of cigarettes but the only method that helped me to kick the habit completely and not relapsing to the previous state was snuff, now after 5 years of not smoking cigarettes, I can now say that I'm officially out of the habit, my teeth, throat and lungs feel much better and I do not represent a health danger to the ones around me when I indulge myself with a pinch. Thanks snuff!
  • 45 years with a 20 a day habit, 40 years trying and failing to quite.  Patches and Nasal spay helped me quit (thank you NHS) for a while  but I'd been there many many times before. 

    Snuff is what has kept me Smokeless for over a year now and any desire for a cigarette (yes - I still occasionally get that)  goes away with a pinch (or 4) - It's also enjoyable and what's more important and always dismissed, is that the "Habit" is the stronger addiction than the nicotine. Snuff taking requires paraphernalia (hanky, snuff box(es)) and ritual of actually pinching and taking the snuff, it's an 'event' and replaces the smoking habit with a more innocuous one. Well that how it's WORKED for ME.

  • I smoked since I was 14 years old, starting with bidis (little indian cigarrettes) and american cigarettes. I smoked on and off throughout from 14-30 usually cigarettes. at about 29 I started smoking a pipe and cigars. I had to quite smoking a pipe due to health issues in 2016. I got completely off all tobacco for one month (march) and then lightly starting snuffing. now I just snuff, that is all that I do apart from the occasional cigar. While I didn't use snuff to quit, I feel that it has played a central role in it. I no longer feel any urge to smoke, however am capable of maintaining myself with snuff. If i didn't snuff, I might relapse into smoking again

  • These are great! Thanks guys.
  • Great work Roderick ! 

    I think i shall also need this data at some stage in future in India  !

    Best of Luck for your campaign 
  • Indeed! Best of luck in the pursuit of common sense, Roderick.

    As we all know, the main problem with common sense, is that it isn't very common.
  • Like most people, I guess, I bought some snuff out of curiosity at a store, and like it enough that I felt I could stop smoking -- and so I did.
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