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Battle of the SP



  • @Chico - You may have answered your own question there.

    Whiskey is defined by the process and not the outcome. I suppose with SPs it's a similar thing. Usually fine and dry, with a bergamot or other citric note (varying strengths) but not always. There are no rules about what kind of tobacco is used, or what other scents are allowed to be present. I've had some dark, musky snuffs called SPs, and I've had some very refined and delicate perfumed snuffs called SPs. Maybe it's a top shelf vs bottom shelf thing, like with the whiskeys. There may be more extremes within whiskeys than SPs.

  • @cpmcdill - thanks.  I guess it takes practice and experience.  I can tell the difference between the whisky types, and between them and rum or whatever.... but sure couldn't classify an SP.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    @Chico personally I'd compare an SP to a Gin than a Whiskey. Very loosely defined though needs to have certain ingredients to be called a Gin. With an SP that would be the Citrus and Bergamot, as you would have Juniper with Gin. Though you can have additional scents ontop of this and its still deemed an SP, as the same with Gin.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    edited April 2017 PM
    I'd like to add an unsung hero to the list, Wilson's Gold Label. Nice leathery base tobacco that always reminds me of an antique store (in a good way), bergamot, and... Is it lemon? I just can't tell. It's like a "brighter" SP Best.
  • 1. SG SP Scotch, which is not quite a "normal" SP, nor a Scotch, but a wonderful hybrid.
    2. Gawith Hoggarth SP. It has a scent no other SP has, but it's familiar and very good.
    3. WoS Gold Label
    4. Toque Original, consistently good.
    5. Covent Mature Crumbled
    6. Abraxas St. Casura. A unique SP with a delightful scent.
  • McChrystals SP is pretty nice
  • when i think of an SP snuff, i think of WoS best sp.
  • IDK if it is an SP but I am really liking grand cairo right now.
  • DxxDxx Member
    I'm using a fair amount of Grand Cairo at the moment. I'd just about call it an SP, though opinions will vary and many will find it too floral to qualify. I've also found significant batch difference in flavour. Unless anybody unearths the original Sales Pollard recipe, I suppose we'll never pin down exactly what a true SP should be.
  • 1. Grand Cairo - sweet lemon with lot of spicy bergamot, then floral. The real SP extra.

    2. Mcchrystal's SP - nice mild sweet bergamot/citrus with slight floral.

    3. Tom Buck - nice strong mix of bergamot. A true strong aroma SP.

    4. Gold label - nice strong tobacco brings out the bergamot which makes it offer a nice change from Best SP or Tom Buck.

    5. Gawith hoggarth SP- nice sweet Kendal floral tobacco which makes a beautiful snuff.

    Toques SP's are good but don't make my list. I think Wilson's are the real SP masters. But Mcchrystal's and Gawith hoggarth have 2 good contenders.
  • eblipeblip Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    I think the WoS Tom Buck is fantastic at first ..but then the bergamot is a bit heavy..

    WoS Best SP is lighter on the bergamot, and so easier to snuff all day long .

    JHWilson SP No 1 is probably gonna be my favorite, as it isn't too potent, but has a long lasting nicotine hit which i like, not too heavy on the bergamot...quite strong really..

    For me if i am interested in nicotine hit ..then JHWilson SP No 1
    if i'm interested in tooting all day and being real comfortable about it then WS Best SP.

    Also i musn't get carried away, so i have to remind myself why i snuff, because it's the cheapest, safest way to get my nicotine hit, just as much a hit so i can get on with my day and forget about nicotine...and i do it only for that.

    Taking this into account JHWilson SP no 1 is a clear winner.
  • eblipeblip Member
    changed my mind
    gawith hoggarth sp is the best sp in the solar system.....i love it...

    2nd is tom buck for me .
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @eblip it is a roller coaster sir!

    Check out SP 100 and SP 500. Also JHW Top Mill No.1. I think Top Mill, SP100 and SP No1 are my favorite light-SPs. SP No1 according to quantitative analysis is about half the nicotine of their MED99 so not too strong. I believe the Top Mill is stronger but I havent seen data.
  • Try Jaxsons Dukes Brown. It's a new formula from the older version and is a fantastic SP! Fragrant, slightly moist, deep brown color, it is quite different from WoS SPs. I bought it not knowing what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised!
  • 1. Lime Toast. Not an SP? So what. It fits my rotation in that slot and I will take it over the others.

    2. Tom Buck. Strong bergamot with a light floral finish on a medium base.

    3. Best Dark. Dark rappee with a touch of bergamot and floral. I love the style.

    Honorable mention SP Extra. Swap it for the Lime Toast if the lime does not count for you.
  • I've been put off trying an SP due to how much I hate General OP snus, though I do love Earl Grey tea. I think it's the salt. Should I try one?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    @Epitango. Definitely. Just be aware that some SPs are unscented plain snuffs, like Jaxons SP Premium, SG Red Crest or Viking Blonde. Both Blue Crest and Yellow Crest were nice plain SPs, too.

    I would recommend Toque Original as an intro to bergamot scented SPs.

    GH SP is the most coarse and moist among them all.

    I used to get a heartburn from General loose snus. My least favourite. But I do dig them, bergamot SPs.
  • Tom Buck
    SP Extra
    Tom Buck "Gary Busey" - 2 to 1 Tom Buck and 6P Cheeta

  • Tom Buck is the only SP I've had so far and I liked it. However is there any SP out there which is stronger in flavour? Tom Buck seems to lose its flavour in the nose pretty quickly.
  • HumppaHumppa Member
    edited February 14 PM
    I have grown on to SPs through the last ten months. I use them frequently now.

    One of the best is the G&H - SP.
    The Best SP is very well made too. Grand Caiso also be a wonderful SP.

    The SP100 and Tom Buck didnt do it for me. They were just not my taste.

  • boiledonionsboiledonions Member
    edited February 14 PM
    I have been struggling to keep the bergamot scent in my SP tins after opening. Even with dealing with electrical tape and storing the tin in airtight containers

    That being said, WOS Best SP and Tom Buck are my favorite so far, followed by SP Extra
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