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What is Spanish Yellow snuff?

I have been reading some old threads and there was a bit of talk about a snuff called Spanish Yellow. Who makes this snuff and is it still available?


  • After poking around it seems to me that 'spanish yellow' is possibly what 'spanish jewel' was called before anybody on the forum got ahold of it. As far as 'spanish jewel' it was a legendary snuff made in small batches by a master blender in spain. The forum members went in together and bought a bunch (before my time). As far as I've read over the years, the blender has certainly retired and probably passed away. Toque's Spanish Gem is a trubute to this snuff. I don't know if any of the older members might still have some of the original but even if they do I doubt they would part with it.
  • Some of the old timers still have some Spanish Jewel left but they'd give up their right hand before any Spanish Jewel.
  • @n9inchnails sounds about right.
  • @Sandwhichlses Spanish Jewel was long gone by the time I started snuffing. I considered that Spanish Yellow may be Spanish Jewel although I thought there was no more Spanish Jewel going around after 2010, and that the creator died not long after. What made me wonder was a few posts and comments made in 2014 according to the timeline talking about sourcing Spanish Yellow.
  • agentshagsagentshags Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Who was the creator?
  • @Aamon I see... interesting.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    @agentshags from what I have read his name was Mr Salabert
  • For some reason "Pedro" from Spain sticks in my head. 
  • @miamimark I believe Pedro was the guy sourcing the Spanish Jewel for SnuffHouse members
  • @Aamon That could be right... I vaguely remember that someone with access to Spanish Jewel being a member on this forum... I don't remember any details tho...
  • Yes, it seems Pedro sourced the spanish jewel from Mr. Salabert. The reference to 'spanish yellow' I was speaking of was @Roderick asking pedro about it in this thread

    Thus my assumption about it being spanish jewel. It seems the the later reference(2013) was a user asking Roderick if 'spanish yellow' was spanish jewel and then having a mini discussion about making his own. The last unique mention is from he above user in the what's in your nose thread. So it seems he made a DIY snuff and named it 'spanish yellow'. So it seems to me that 'spanish yellow' did originally mean 'spanish jewel' and a user here took the name and ran with it for a homemade snuff. Of course I could be full of you know what. Perhaps Roderick or another older forum member could shed some light. It's alway interesting to me how obfuscated snuff history is, even recent history.
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