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Toque still tops for me and seek your recommends?

So I know snuff tastes [or should i say "sniffs"} are highly subjective...and I enjoy the opinions and expertise found on this forum...but 2 years or so into serious snuff use having just rec'ed a substantial order from  mr snuff...most of the F&T line [except i forgot Irish HDT, wah} also now have SG Scottish black and also the menthol and also WoS Tom top 3 are  dailies still Toque USA Whiskey and honey, toque natural toast and toque usa lime [and also like a lot toque usa bourbon, toque rose, toque ginger] So what should i try next? Indian snuffs? boutique snuff?
--Out of my new order i am enjoying the most the Tom Buck and the FT Macouba, secondarily FT Santo Domingo but see above....
I have some Molens pepermunt which is outstanding, i also like poschl packard's club which was the only snuff i knew until recent years, and i also have one German snuff the Brazilian doppel which i like but too rich for daily use...
The ones that were not my cup of tea were toque peach, toque coffee, quit
As a postscript i have had great service from both Toque directly and from Mr Snuff


  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I'm decently new as well. I finally put in my first big order to Mr snuff after a year or so of snuffing. When I start deciding about what snuffs to get, I usually browse threads like "what's in your nose,"what's in your mailbox," and "what was your last order." I look to see what are some popular blends or ones that sound interesting. I then look them up and see if I want to order it.
    I suggest to try some Indian snuffs. Different than the English, but still good in my limited experience.
  • I absolutely love the Viking and Samuel Gawith range. All the Kendals are lovely, you cant go wrong with Viking Brown, Dark or Thor's Hammer. I love English style snuffs my nose cannot deal with parrafin 
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I would second the Thor's Hammer. F&T Santo Domingo to me is very similar to Thor's Hammer. Elmo's is a good one if you like tonquin bean/vanilla flavor. I read the reviews on Mr Snuff and on the Toque site. In fact, reviews on the Toque site prompted me to take the plunge on Cheese and Bacon and I am glad that I did.

    So far, I have enjoyed every Toque snuff I have tried. I don't think you can go wrong with anything Toque offers. Berwick Brown is an excellent snuff. I would also recommend the t-shirts. My wife got me one and it is very comfortable even though I don't normally wear t-shirts. Mine says pinch me on the back, so my 10 year old daughter pinches me when I have it on.

    Each manufacturer is different but all seem to have signature base tobaccos. I have no doubt that I could tell an Indian from a Wilson's of Sharrow from a Toque blindfolded.

    Snuff is inexpensive, so you can't lose much by trying a small quantity of a snuff you are curious about. If you don't like it, someone here on the forum will likely trade with you.

  • The 6 Photo Indian snuffs that I've tried were generally too perfumed for my nose, although I did enjoy the Super Kailash.
  • I agree. I snuff more Toque than any other brand. I'm seldom without USA W&H in my nose. All of the flavors are great though. I brought my Toque flask to work with me tonight, got some of the lime in there now.

    You mentioned the Toque Rose, have you tried the violet? Both are great, but violet is more enjoyable IMO.

    Anyway, as for recommendations, I'd check out GH/SG KB. The SG has more citrus to it, while the GH is more leather & smoke. The Viking lineup is outstanding as well. Viking blonde is a nice natural snuff, and is very easy to take. The dark is natural as well (I think), but packs a stronger nicotine kick.

    In my experience, and I may catch some hate for this, I don't enjoy many WoS snuffs. A few give me headaches, and the rest are too perfumed for my taste. The few I like include Thyme & Lemon, Camphor & Mild, and Ambassador (menthol with a great spearmint flavor). I haven't tried every snuff in their lineup, but I've tried enough to be wary of them. I don't think that they are of poor quality or anything, they just don't suit me.

    Oh, and if you like menthol, McChrystals English Menthol is a refreshing kick in the face.

    Sorry, this was all a bit long winded.
  • Thanks all of you--i will take on all your suggestions at some point. I am now liking  more the SG menthol black and Scottish black that i do have [my first sg's] they have grown on me....Berwick brown sounds like a must, too
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