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Bulk buy for the rest of you're lifetime before the E.U snuffs us out!

Hi, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and wish all a happy new year.

I don't normally say much, been lurking for around 5 years or so.. I realise this isn't a political forum and I understand there is no need to panic as yet regarding a total snuff ban, but it could happen.. it's a real possibility. The New E.U regulations regarding cigarettes has/is changing, no more packets of 10.. same as no small or medium packets of rolling tobacco are the plan, and all packaging in green boxes. Obviously working towards a total smoking ban.. now while that may not happen anytime soon, what we should remember is that cigarettes will be the last to go.. meaning smokeless tobacco has a high possibility of being given the boot within our lifetime..

This isn't scaremongering, we need to face reality that our passion for snuff is at threat.. many brands of snuff have been discontinued as we all know & I am in no doubt there will be many more to follow.. I feel sorry for the smaller firms that have to close due to all this legislation which is unnecessary, which many may be family run..
this isn't just a drug, this is history.. it makes me angry that the governments want to eradicate the healthier options first yet leave the multi billion big cigarettes companies last to target.

I've been reading that they are targeting manufacturers with a fee per size and per item.. this will confirm why many snuffs have been discontinued and some name changes had to be made to certain snuffs.
My opinion would be to scrap the 10g tins and just store 25g, 100g and 400g to save costs or to atleast have money to put towards for a few extra flavours.

On a lighter note.. I discovered on a modest 5g a day habit for a 30 year supply you would need around 55kg of snuff

So bulk buying a favourite snuff before a discontinuation isn't such a bad idea.., or before the E.U make it near impossibly worthwhile for snuff manufacturers to continue making snuff.

Here guys what do you think of containers like this for bulk storage?.. narrow and air tight


  • I am buying bulk but I like 5&10 gram tins for daily use. I find my 25 gram tins aren't so fresh by the time I use them up.

    I use canning jars for bulk storage. I figure if they kept granny's beans from spoilage, they should work for snuff.
  • Hi Jim. Happy New Year to you too.

    I've probably got a 10 year supply already, not factoring in any spoilage that might occur. I have gone for smaller containers though.

    The problem with those larger ones is that as you start to make a dent in your stash, they contain too much air. Even the smaller jars that I decant into to load the snuffbox from, start to lose their efficacy when they get down to 1/3 full, and they only contain about 30g of snuff. More small containers will be better than fewer large ones. The other benefit with smaller ones is that if spoilage does occur, a smaller amount has been lost.

    I'm now comfortable enough to not be buying "extra" snuff for storage, and move more toward just buying for regular use. I don't doubt that I'll continue buying more than I use, but not from a "hoarding" mindset.
  • I use the smallest mason jars that hold about 25-30 grams or so. I haven't weighed it, but 50 grams go into 2 jars, it fills one all the way, and the other one about 3/4.
  • @josephjames you could just get a snuff box?.. those 10g tap boxes are the least airtight of them all.

    The problem with using many smaller jars is obviously the cost.. but I do agree, if there is an issue there is minimal waste.
    What would be better, screw top mason jars or jars with clips like this?

    For bulk storage I would assume plain moist snuffs as best to keep.. like London brown , black rappee & you could probably get away with a Kendal brown.. or a strong menthol, I assume even a strong menthol would preserve a strong menthol blast 20 years later..

    Mini mason jars would be a lot of hassle.. even for a 10 year supply you would need hundreds of jars. I am going to go with 250-350ml jars myself.
  • I have 24 x 75ml clip top jars, 50 x 125ml screw top jars, and several full 1 litre clip top jars. When I start using the snuff in the larger jars, I'll decant them into the smaller jars to stop them deteriorating from the increased air volume. I also have a considerable pile of still sealed vac tins.
  • Making a big order from Specialty Bottle very soon. To keep my remaining tin homed snuffs happy for what looks to be a drought in snuff availability possibly very soon.
  • i got a mini fridge and threw in my vikings (spear, thors hammer, blonde, and dark) and that should last a while at 500g each... what does brexit mean for the EU ban? I hope English snuff will long outlast this current unfortunate situation

  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    @bigjim I looked at the jars on your link and I saw some similar ones at a grocery store locally. In the US, I would also expect a place like Bed Bath and Beyond would have something similar. I may just stop in there and see what they have. 

    For me, the canning jars are dirt cheap. Even our local dollar store carries them. The seals are airtight and I can buy various sizes. I buy the jelly jars (pint) most of the time. For large orders of the Toque economy bags, I use quart jars. So far, I have had good success with them. I also use them to store pipe tobacco in. I have some pipe tobacco that I stored in canning jars back in 2008 and are still good. 

    So far, space has not been an issue. Last house my wife and I bought, I told her my only stipulation was that it have a basement. I didn't care where it was or what it looked like as long as there was a basement. So, I have plenty of room for storing boxes of jars full of snuff, reloading supplies and other things. 

    I recently purchased some 260 gram tubs of snuff from WIlson's of Sharrow. I am hoping that the containers are sufficiently made that I can just leave them in the original containers. 

    I certainly hope that Britain's exit from the EU means that these new rules can be scrapped and we can all enjoy our English snuffs as much as we want. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. In a pinch, I can pick up scotches at the grocery store but they are not the same as a pinch of Grand Cairo or Berwick Brown! I am still in a state of mourning over Molens and I don't want to see any other manufacturers go out of business. 

  • edited January 2017 PM
    I was under the impression that the EU regulations wouldn't impact american snuff users other than less selection. Because less selection doesn't bother me as I only buy about 4 kinds of snuff. @Roderick stated that the EU regs wouldn't impact his US business somewhere if I'm not mistaken.
  • That is correct, but Wilson's is giving the axe to a lot of flavors because they have to pay a fee per flavor and it adds up. For me, variety and trying new snuffs is part of the fun.

    Yes, in the US we are safe for now, but it can still stymie our snuff. Look at what happened to Molens. They are gone because of the EU. The idea of snuff being ground in a windmill was pretty nice. They also had some very unique recipes.

    Poschl can probably bear the fees with no problem. I am not a big fan of Poschl snuffs myself.
  • Yeah I guess it doesn't impact me as much since this is an (enjoyable) habit for me instead of a hobby. I'm not much for variety so less choice is of no concern as long as I can get my staples.
  • This article does make me worry about the future and think  of stocking up--it talks about permanently banning cigs to those born in 2014 onwards--sure it's Russia and sure it's focused on cigarettes but  they mention "eradicating tobacco" and they mention other countries have thought about it...a harbinger??
    ...and so maybe the USA will someday have zero tobbaconists and 1000s of pot stores?
  • bigjimbigjim Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    The good thing about snuff is.. that is does store well, storing snuff in glass jars air tight of course will last years and years..

    Tobacconists will soon be a thing of the past and so will smaller tobacco manufacturers.. it wouldn't surprise me if cigarettes become illegal at some stage in life. As weeks go by more and more stories of what they will ban next or what changes will be made seems to be putting tobacco users on edge.

    I too have read the Russian regulation in favour of putin but I can't see how they will inforce it.. either you ban it completely or you don't in my opinion.
    Also today there was another article that assumes a packet of smokes will be put at
  • bigjimbigjim Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    (Will post tomorrow, my phones playing up)
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    tbh, I dont fear the snuff apocalypse.
    There are some stores nearby that sell snuff (I dont buy it there though), but as long as mrsnuff is around, ill find a way to get it to my nose.
    Worst case scenario: Buy directly from India and have the package sent so it looks like a gift, not an order.
  • I understand Russia has already banned naswar.

    It's amazing to me that weed is becoming easier to obtain than tobacco. One thing omitted about smoking weed is health effects on the lungs. It has to be as bad as smoking cigarettes (emphysema, etc) yet media is silent about it.
  • @josephjames I agree. But any possible detrimental effects of marijuana don't fit the narrative the media is pushing so it's really not surprising. Of course, for most of my life the narrative has been that of 'just say no' and reefer madness so I guess it's a wash. To bad things can't just work on the lines of 'use common sense, do what you want if it doesn't harm anyone else and accept the risks of your own choices.' I guess that makes too much sense.
  • Well, I agree with that. I tried weed twice in my youth and didn't like it.

    Tobacco is another story. I found cigars and snuff to be the pinnacle for me. I no longer smoke cigars. The occasional pipe I have is usually with plain old Prince Albert or 1792 Flake.

    Snuff is safe and awesome. The people who come up with flavors and work in snuff manufacture are true artisans. Even my plain Superior from the local grocery store has a silky look to it.

    I have written a letter to the Art of Manliness blog authors suggesting a story on snuff taking. I hope they will.
  • Already have a lifetime supply of snuff, but I recently purchased a ton of schmalzlers just in case. Can't have too much Bernard's.
  • Thanks Lunecat I know who to call if within 5 years I run out of lundy foot !
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
     Is there a complete list of the discontinued snuffs and manufactures going about? All I can find are bits and pieces
  • I have bulk snuff for the same reason I have arms, bulk ammunition and bulk food. The best investment is preparedness. As for the politics, there are snuffs that have been dicontinued and I'm sure there will be more. In the US and UK for the time being it looks like that is the main issue. With the EU being thugs about Brexit, it looks to me like shipping to the continent from the UK will eventually be getting hammered by customs. In the end less business or excess regulation could eventually shut down other snuff mills like it did with Molens. That's just a limited opinion on a big subject so take it for what it's worth.
  • @Sandwhichlsles sorry I realized that was a silly question so then I changed it to another question that I was curious about. 
  • Get what you can get that suites your needs. Prepping is what you make of it.
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