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SP Shefield Pungent in 1925

ArtChooArtChoo Member
edited January 5 in General

Just been trawling through some old newspapers on the internet for family history and found a newspaper article on snuff taking.

Information taken from   The Diss Express and Norfolk and Suffolk Journal,  Friday 6th February 1925.  Not taken word for word.

According to one seller, more than half of the snuff takers these days (1925) are women.  Whereas the habit was more or less confined to the artisan classes it is now spreading among young women of society on the look out for new ideas.  When a women takes the habit it is not easy to drop it.  Working women snuff-takers buy the snuff day by day and do not use boxes, but some elaborate boxes are being used by women of leisure.   In the North women use wallflower scented snuff very largely, but   in London   "S.P. snuff"  otherwise  SHEFIELD PUNGENT (my capitals) - is preferred.

I have never heard the name Sheffield Pungent before, that's a new one on me.

As  for all you blokes using wallflower snuff,  its no wonder you get funny looks when you whip out your wallflower in the pub.

Wink Wink 



  • That is a very interesting article. It would be nice to see more of these.
  • AamonAamon Member
    @ArtChoo is it possible that S.P. has always stood for Shefield Pungent. Or it may be another another acronym they created for S.P.
  • edited January 6 PM
    @Aamon there is a gigantic thread about what SP stands for. Several theories, Sheffield Pride, SPanish, Spanish Prize, Sales & Pollard. All of these signifcantly predate this article. It's an interesting thread, but you have to make time to read it, it is very long.

    @JosephJames check out the snuffhouse library category. Chock full of interesting history and articles.
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