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Hey guys, I'm completely new to the world of snuff and I'm looking for some recommendations based on the pipe tobacco's I like.
Is there anything similar in scent to Condor or St. Bruno? I love the floral top note in those blends and I'm hoping to find something similar in snuff. I also enjoy the typical "Lakeland" style tobacco's like, GH&Co Ennerdale Flake and Dark Flake (Scented). I tried to buy some GH&Co snuffs but it was just after the sale on Mr. Snuff and almost all their inventory was out of stock.
Some that I did order but still waiting on them to arrive are; SG Grousemoor and Bouquet and Wilson of Sharrow's SP.
I'm also curious about snuff that contains Latakia in it, can anyone recommend a good Latakia snuff?

Thanks for your time!


  • Sir Walter Scott makes a Latakia snuff, and if ya like the "lakelands" pipe tobacco try Toque Berwick Brown.

    I'm a fan of plain tobacco snuffs and a few of my favorites are: Sam Gawith Black Rappee, F&T High Dry Toast, Dholakia White, and Viking Dark.

  • Grousemoore and bouqet will suit you if you like lakelands. I detect lakelands in almost all of GH's snuff to some slight degree so pick those up (no tapboxes!) when they're back in stock. Also from SG I would recommend Kendal Brown Original, dark coarse and moist it's a wonderful complex tobacco scent with a citrus top note. And SG Elmo's Reserve if you like 1792 flake.

    As far as latakia, molens produced snuff remiscent of latakia but they are now defunct, and I think some of the artisans may use it (abraxas and Sir Walter Scott being the two still in operation) but I've never tried them due to cost per gram being higher than I consider reasonable. Bernard's Gekachelter Virginie is a dark smokey snuff and reasonably priced.

    The best advice is try a bit of everything and when you find favorites get them in bulk.
  • Toque Berwick Brown, Sam Gawith and/or Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Browns. Also try Fribourg and Treyer Kendal Brown for a rather different experience.

    I too am a fan of the Grousemoor mentioned earlier, and it might be worth you trying out some of the darker snuffs such as Viking Dark, SG Black Rappee and maybe even F&T Princes.

    Do try some other stuff too, pick one of the perfumed F&T like Bordeaux or Macouba, one of Toques fruit snuffs, SG Toffee or Hazlenut, GH Wild mint or Sea Breezes. For the pennies they cost, it's nice to be able to take a pinch of something different one in a while to break the routine up a bit.

    Whatever you choose, if you don't like it, put it aside and revisit it again in a month. It's amazing how the same snuffs can be received differently at different times.

    Enjoy, and welcome aboard
  • Thank you for the excellent suggestions ya'll! I will compile a list and try everything you all mentioned. I definitely love to have variety as I'm not just a one blend a day type of guy and I'm not too picky... my tastes are all over the board.

    It sounds like there is a hell of a lot of good snuff out there and this excites me!  
  • .... and it's cheap :D
  • Even better!
  • Okay, so after some time with the WoS snuff that I got yesterday I'm definitely going to need some of the stronger snuff's out there. I've been dipping Copenhagen for 23 years so I am absolutely addicted to high levels of nicotine.  I smoke a pipe when I can and I'm not wanting to quit the pipe, however, I am wanting to quit dipping so I'm looking for some suggestions of STRONG snuff that will help get me off the dip.

    These are the snuff's I'm using now:

    WoS - Irish High Toast No.22, Crumbs of Comfort, Best SP and Dr. Rumney's.

    I also have Lotzbeck snuff but I don't use it much because it closes me up.

    I'm still waiting on Samuel Gawith's - Bouquet and Grousemoor.

    Thanks ya'll.
  • edited January 2017 PM
    You'll get advice to use Indian whites (cheeta, dholakia white or white elephant), toasts (WoS #22, F&T HDT, Toque toasts), NTSU, Toque Rustica or American scotches. I've tried all of these at one point or another and took issue with all of them for one reason or another. However, one or all may work for you. But I've found that what what worked for me to ditch the smokes was simply to use good medium strength snuffs in large amounts and often. I only keep 3 snuffs in bulk and all of them are 'medium' in nicotine but I use quite a lot. Large pinches ever 15 minutes or so to the tune of 8-10g daily, and that keeps me off the smokes, I still smoke a pipe of an evening.
  • I'm also a Copenhagen dipper, and nicotine delivery was the one disappointing thing about snuff when I started.  I personally go for TPS Madras or White Elephant when I want a snuff with plenty of vitamin N.
  • @Sandwhichlsles, good stuff man!  I'm certainly going to try a lot more and see what works for me but I'm also curious how you do your maintenance?  I use a nasal mist to help keep my nose dry and I use the Neil Med Sinus Rinse every single night I when I shower.  That seems to really get a lot of the residual snuff out.

    Thanks for the suggestions @SeanOCDPx I'll be getting both Madras and White Elephant.  What does TPS stand for?
  • @hawky454 I blow my nose as necessary, every couple hours or so. I use a heavy menthol before I shower at night and between that and the steam It clears me out sufficiently.
  • Providing you drink enough fluids, in most cases your nose will be able to look after itself
  • I just blow out my nose, take a warm shower and drink plenty of fluids. It's amazing how much snuff can come out when you are in the shower.
  • Have you all tried the sinus rinse? It really gets up in there and pushes everything out. Good times!
  • I sprayed my nostrils with saline everyonce in awhile when in really plugged up with mucus and snuff, but the steam from the shower does a good enough job of getting the snuff out.
  • I agree with @psicko. My wife uses a neilmed netti pot for her allergies and asthma and it seems to help. Seeing as I don't have any respiratory problems, I personally don't see any need to be shooting expensive saline solution into my sinuses when a good medicated and some steam do the job.
  • Hawky454, I'm not sure what it stands for.  It's a natural Indian snuff, and a Madras is a variety that is fried in ghee.  Sellers that offer it only offer it in bulk from what I've seen - like packs of 12.  I took a stab at acquiring some through the Snuffhouse Marketplace, and someone was willing to help me out with just a single tin.  Might be worth a shot.  
  • @SeanOCDPx, I don't really see much difference between TPS, NC, or NB Madras. I sure do wish someone would offer any of those in Kilo quantities again. I burned through the Kilo of NB I got surprisingly fast.
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  • Thanks guys!
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