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Scents and longevity

PsickoPsicko Member
edited January 9 in General
Ive been wondering about different snuff scents and the longevity. What makes certain snuff scents last longer than others? I've noticed that similar scents between different manufacturers have a different longevity.

*Edit- to clarify, I meant the longevity in the nose.


  • marcomarco Member
    Interesting question--So do you mean longevity in the nose or longevity storing in 10g/25g tins and/or longer storage in mason jars?  For me--in the nose-- the longest for me so far have been Toque rose, and USA whiskey/honey, and Molens pepermunt...For me the fruit flavors i have tried tend to lose something but that's because i don't get thru the 10g tins fast enough/opening too much....i am still a relative newbie though
  • Sorry for ambiguity. I meant the longevity of the scent in my nose.
  • i like certain snuffs because they last long and dislike some because they last too long. i love toque rose and it stays in the nose for a long time. dholakia black is the opposite, i wish it would go away sooner. i still like scent of  dholakia black though. 
  • Oil is the secret. Snuff that been oiled holds the scent longest.. I think Dholakia rose chocolate holds the record. I personally find it cloying. 
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • @basement_shaman thanks for that tidbit.
    I took some 6 photo kaliash before bed and I could still smell it when I woke up.

    Some blends I wish would stay a bit longer.
  • I think @basement_shaman is right. The oil in german and indian snuffs fixes a scent better so they seem to last longer. Although the sheer amount of scent in snuffs like most of the F&T range can achieve the same effect. This is why I don't get along with indian snuffs or heavy scented snuffs. If the scent (other than base tobacco) sticks around for more than a minute or so I am not a fan.
  • @Psicko I love Six photo Black snuff for there decongestant qualities. First thing or last of the evening or if I get blocked up.  Not something I would use all day. I employ the Whites Toasts & Scotchs to fit that bill.   

    @SandwhichIsles I dilute those F&T scented snuff 1:10 ratio with Whites, Toasts or Scotches/ I don't believe they were intended to use straight. I could be wrong.  
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • @basement_shaman I used to follow the same practice as I agree that f&t highly scented snuffs were likely meant to be diluted. But I've gotten to a point where my tins have run their course and I have not reordered them. I keep toque original, viking dark, toque BB and a medicated of some type on hand in bulk and that's all I need in my life, except I might add a bulk toast to that list soon. I also order a one-off tin rarely but invariably find that it's not necessary.
  • edited January 11 PM
    @SandwhichIsles it was fun chasing the latest and greatest while it lasted. And it is great when you can just get back to enjoying the basics and narrow down to a fist full . My taste change with season so I have my hoard to sort threw and when I get bored I mix a few together and have my own unique snuff to enjoy. I know what I like and my blending skills keep growing.
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

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