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Two Times Snuff Saved Me

1. Working at waste treatment plant for an electrical job. I took a snoot of Toque Raspberry. Thank goodness I did. Had to work on the third floor where they incinerate human waste. Without the Toque, I would have been sick.

2. An old, foreclosure home. Real estate agent is a flipper who brought me in to give an estimate on electrical changes. He walked in the basement and pulled his shirt collar over his nose. I grabbed my chocolate orange snuff before going in. The odor didn't bother me. The previous owner had stacked trash chest high in the basement. It had just been cleaned out.


  • I work at a hospital, whenever I go into a bad smelling room I always take some Dholokia herbal mentholated before going in. It usually does the trick
  • Work Patrol as a police officer. I keep a vacuumed smash box of Hedges L260 for dead body calls. I reseal it when I get home that night. Saved me multiple times.
  • As a residential electrician for 15 years I have put myself into some pretty vile situations, i.e.. 18" crawl splaces with 50 year old cob webs, hot tamale size rodent droppings, farrel cat collony urine and leaking plumbing sewer drains. The list goes on and on... Snuff has always helped in these situations.
    Jobs that can last year's in one custom house. 6500 sq. Ft. of Line voltage,low voltage,security,fire and landscape wiring can feel like I am working in a spaghetti factory. Even when the radio becomes boring.. Snuff always takes the edge off things.
    Simple and tedious projects like a 2000 pc. Puzzle..Snuff to the rescue! My list could continue but I think you get my point. Snuff can save the day!!
  • I used to have to clean the grease trap at a restaurant. If you don't know how bad that is then you don't know. One guy at that place used to work as a honey dipper and he said the smell was comprable.

  • Those are some good stories on how snuff can help us deal with odors in a place.

    Some snuffs seem to make my nose work better with surrounding odors. I usually bring a fruity snuff for places that might be nasty.

    @nicmizer I do a little of everything. I am getting older, so no more new residential for me. I have some heating and air companies I do a lot of work for in existing homes along with some industrial customers and remodel work for the flip guys.
  • During my time in the Navy and now as a civilian contractor I have worked in very controlled high security areas in an 'on watch' capacity. It's more or less impossible to just step outside and chewing tobacco is not my thing. It would be very difficult to fix my nicotine levels without snuff, not to mention stay awake during 12 hour overnight watches.
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