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"You smell like horses!"

My old lady has a particularly keen sense of smell. I usually consider it a blessing, as more than once it's helped us to avoid a rental with mold problems, and it prevents me from picking up certain vices. For example, I considered buying a pack of American Spirits this fall, but her inability to handle cigarette smoke put an end to any possibility of my resuming my old smoking habit.

I though snuff would be perfect, because I assumed she wouldn't be able to smell it. I was wrong. The other day, after hitting some Swisher Square, I went to kiss her and she shrunk back with repulsion, then exclaimed, "You smell like horses! Many many horses!" I laughed at her style of exclamation, and it still tickles me, but I do worry if this will always be a problem. I find myself hesitant to kiss, nuzzle, or otherwise be too near her soon after taking any snuff. I've found I can clean out my nose and wash it in such a way that the smell ceases to bother her, but there's always another toot around the corner, so this seems like it might be a persistent issue.

I'm hoping it might be a problem isolated to the rather strong and rustic-smelling scotches I'm currently hitting, but I have my doubts as to whether any snuff will be truly imperceptible to her. Right now, I'm in the other room because even being in the same room as her immediately after a nice noseful can start to irritate her. I've enough experience with her to know that she's not exaggerating her sense of smell; it is truly remarkable. She, for her part, is incredibly accommodating, and I doubt would ever ask me to give up my new pleasure, but I do worry. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any thoughts on the matter?


  • My wife can smell all my snuffs. She has grown accustomed to two of my big three (toque original and berwick brown), and no longer says anything but she still doesn't much care for them. Any smokey snuffs (scotches, toasts, gekachelter or the third in my big three viking dark) are right out if I even want to have an arm's reach conversation. She's surprisingly fine with medicated snuffs however.
  • My wife complains about Dholakia Ganga even though it smells of roses.
  • My wife thinks all the smokey snuff smell like engine exhaust on my breath or emanating from my nose. I sometimes think that as 'tobacco afficianados' we sometimes forget just how many of the scents we enjoy from pipes/cigars/snuff are truly acquired tastes. Also after having discussions about this very thing with my wife I've realized that some snuffs apparently smell very different on your breath or in your exhale than they do in the tin or in your nose. Anyway it's good to have an understanding and accomodating wife (that's what she tells me anyway).
  • Maybe try the florals when she's in close proximity. Like the Jasmine's, Violet and Wallflower types.
  • if i can't smoke i.d.g.a.f (i dont give a f&&&)
    i'm taking snuff.

    if you can smell my breath from my nose, your
    prolly too close anyway

  • My wife also has a keen sense of smell. I usually do menthol, floral, or fruity snuffs if I'm going to be close to her while inside.
  • Hey! Listen here buddy... this is her problem & not yours, tell her to put up or shut up!.. just when you fancy a kiss have a shower first.

    In all seriousness I would suggest a dry plain tobacco snuff would be your best bet here.
  • My wife-ish is VERY sensitive to smells.  Cigarettes were a problem for her, and if I go without for a time it is very hard to get her to get used to it again.

    She hates any strong scents, so if I'm to be near her, I have to avoid florals or Indian snuffs or smoky ones.  I think she may actually be allergic to sandalwood (sad face), and patchouli makes her angry.  I'm making her sound like a bit of a pill, but she gets headaches and stuff pretty easily.

    I'd say the best snuffs for when I'm around her are ones like Starr or Toast #21.  Just bare tobacco.  Even then, my life is easier when she doesn't smell it on me.

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