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So I'm looking for a medicated... suggestions?

I've had the pleasure of trying only a handful of medicated snuffs.. O&G, WoS SM 500, and a few 6 Photos.. and I need a resupply. My favorite of those is the SM 500 - highly effective, affordale, easy to take, and doesn't linger in my nose too long. Not too big on the perfumed 6 Photo snuffs only because they tend to overpower whatever else is in my daily rotation. Any suggestions? thanks!


  • You might try some of the Indian ones labeled as medicated, like Dholakia Med, and Med #10. They are pretty good, and light on the incense type of scent. Also, Hedges L-260 is a must try if you enjoy medicated snuffs, it's a old standby.
  • I like Hedges, and the Toque mentholated fruits... especially the raspberry menthol.
  • Hedges is really nice--it's a darker tobacco, with a clean and strong menthol kick.  For a lighter tobacco (but strong menthol kick) I would try McChrystal's JIP or the wonderful Medicated 99 from J & H Wilson.
  • McChrystals English Menthol is my personal favorite.
  • Six Photo medicated no. 6 and 666. Clears the nose, refreshing and for me - gets rid of a heavy head.
  • Don't do it!
  • There were some south african snuffs don't know if they are still available. Dr Rumneys was one I enjoyed .Other heavy SA snuff taxi menthol and NTSU. 
    Dholakia #10 that snuff works, But I only use it when needed ,not something I use all day. 
    Hedges L260 could be used all day but you should give the nose a break from strong menthol's
    Wilson of Sharrows  Dynamite is right up there with SM 500 maybe a tweek stronger. Hard to tell when your face is frozen.
    6 Photo I like the 66 has a chocolate undertone but 666 may be your huckleberry. 
    FUBAR SNAFU Medicated or menthol. Quite overwhelming if I remember correctly. Have to revisit it soon.
    And that Swiss snuff Schweizer Menthol I heard good things about it. a little pricey. but sometime I buy steak instead of hamburger.
    Samuel Gawith Gold Mull may be something to try. Menthol not over powering, coarse grind, easy to use.
    refreshing, doesn't overstay it's welcome. Probably on the discontinued list
    Honorable mention is Poschl Red bull, get in the refill packets.  
    If you like raspberry WoS Raspberry does the job.
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • If you like McChrystals O&G try Highland Ice for sure!!!
  • Thanks for the feedback!
  • TeknoTekno Member
    I quite enjoy Toque Camphor and Clove it's the only medicated i like, admittedly thats through fear of menthol's lol 
  • PaulGPaulG Member
    Give singletons original super menthol a try, not too overpowering on the menthol front, really nice hay/straw background and a nice gentle burn.
  • ive always used 6 photo medicated 66
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