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Moistening Snuffs Intended to be Dry?

What do you guys think about moistening snuffs that are supposed to be dry? I have many scotches and I'd like to try a moister snuff. I suppose I could just wait until some snuff arrives, but I wondering if in the meantime this would make them easier to take.


  • If you hydrate enough for immediate consumption (a day or two), you won't harm it. As to whether or not it will be enjoyable, that's a personal perspective, and you'll need to discover that for yourself.

    Try indirectly hydrating a few pinches overnight. Place some snuff in an open container at one end of a tupperware box, with a wet paper towel at the other end, seal and leave. You'll either like it or you won't - either way, judge the results as pertinent to that snuff only, as different snuffs will change/develop differently.
  • My initial thought is just, "no." It may not clump too bad to take, but my advice would be, "learn how to take fine dry snuffs and appreciate your snuffing that much more." Patience and practice are all it really takes. Will you blow out your lungs and sinuses a few times in the process? Sure. But once you learn these, the rest of the journey is a piece of cake.
  • Superior snuff has some moisture to it. Very different than other scotches.
  • Hm... Maybe I can't tell the difference. Or maybe this one is dried out.
  • I can tell a big difference between Superior and other scotches. Bruton is like dust from a sarcophagus compared to Superior.
  • I figured out why I couldn't tell the difference: I was failing to hit them correctly. I finally figured it out, and now most of my hits are pleasant, and I agree wholeheartedly that Superior is, well... Superior. And I can tell the moisture difference between the two after comparing them to a Toque.
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