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Loved and Lost

A thread for those favourite snuffs which are no longer with us


  • WoS Irish Coffee
  • SG Yellow Crest
  • WoS Thyme and Lemon
  • Molens Chococreme
  • Everything Chef Daniel and Old Mill.
  • de Kralingse-St. Omer n.1
    does anyone know something close to it?
  • Everything Old Mill and de Kralingse:-(
  • Definitely Old Mill. I'd do a lot for a good supply of Old Mill snuff.
  • AlberichAlberich Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I've been away from the forums awhile, haven't needed to order anything either.  Come back to find that WoS has more than decimated their catalogue.  Goodbye, Thyme and Lemon, Apple and Blackcurrant, and Rum and Raisin.
  • I've never tried Apple and Blackcurrant, or Rum and Raisin, or several others - and now I don't kind of want to. I've lost enough favourites without making new favourites that have already been discontinued.
  • That's the take away for me from all of this. I'm pretty set in my ways but all of this is just reinforcing that tendency. I used to get a couple new tins with my standard orders to see if there were some new favorites hiding out there but now I'm hesitant to do so. I don't want to find a new favorite that I won't be able to bulk up on.


    WoS Morlaix
    WoS Strasbourg
    Molens A/P
    Molens AO 1860

    Also a question. I haven't seen Gekachelter Virginie on mr. Snuff for some time. Has it also gone the way of the dodo?
  • ^ sadly yes, some one on here emailed them and Bernards has confirmed that Virginie is no longer in production :((
  • edited January 2017 PM
    @n9inchnails. Well that ruined my day... luckily I have about 150g in stock but I'm going to have to be careful with it.


    Gekachelter Virginie Dunkel
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Wow this is an incredibly depressing thread. I only had a chance to try two of the Old Mill snuffs, I hope they can figure out a way to continue making these sometime in the future.
    It would be great if the larger snuff makers could buy these recipes so they don't get lost to history.
  • No more Virginie?!? Well that's that then. I'm gonna jump off a cliff. Seriously, what is the world coming to?
  • Tranter toast #21  RIP
  • @Alberich I have an unopened 10 Gram tin of rum and raisin if you want it.
  • oohhh man, they hit me in the Willies Strasbourg,Lemon Toast, OrangeChocolate,Grand Cairo.
  • @Icepick Check with Mr Snuff. I was able to order some tubs of chocolate orange and Grand Cairo. However, I am hearing Grand Cairo is going to remain.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    RIP Blue Crest, Red Crest, Toque Espresso, NB Madras, LAT AO 1860
  • @Icepick @JosephJames Grand Cairo is still on Wilson's website too
  • Grand Cairo is on Wilsons' revamped website so I think it survived the drawdown.
  • Originally I think Grand Cairo was on the hit list, but Royal George was to survive. It appears that decision has been reversed
  • Unfortunate because I like Royal George and Grand Cairo about equally.
  • I saw the original decision, and bought a half drum of Grand Cairo. Then I saw the decision had been reversed #-o

    I use the Royal George less often, have a couple of hundred grams of Burgundy stashed away, and the F&T are still available. I've also discovered GH Mitchells and Western Glory, and have a couple of other more complex snuffs in the stash. I can cope with only having about 30g of Royal George left, easier than I could with GC.
  • WoS Strawberry

    WoS Butterscotch

    WoS Vanilla
  • Better add Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint to those too :((
  • De Kralingse Macuba & Prins Regent are ones I'll miss the most, but Gekachelter(sp?) too. I'm happy about Grand Cairo & Royal George not getting the axe for now, at least. Does anyone know if Brunswick got the axe? 
  • @mrmanos Royal George DID get axed, and unfortunately so did Brunswick. The full list of what remains from WoS can be seen on their website

    Note: They are still working on this new site, and there's lots of refining still to be done, but the info is there if you're prepared to poke around a bit
  • @JosephJames I appreciate the offer, but there's no sense in prolonging the separation.  I'll let this early termination of my relationship with several WoS blends spur me on to exploring some others that I've wanted to try for quite awhile!

    Thanks again.
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