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How many different snuffs have you tried?

I personally am quite new to snuff and I have probably tried around 40 different types of snuffs. I'm curious how many our other members have tried?


  • I'm not even sure, 100ish. Enough to know what I like and what I don't.
  • Somewhere in the realm of 50-60. Like @SandwhichIsles said "enough to know what I like and what I don't".
  • Around 150 at a guess. I've learned enough about my needs and preferences to be able to omit great swathes of the market. If my tastes were more diverse, that number would probably have been nearer 250 or maybe even higher by now.
  • Well over 200
  • 75 more or less...
  • 422
  • i don't know; many. although at the same time, not enough :-)
  • bigjimbigjim Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Probably about 60-80... maybe 100, again enough to know what I like and dislike, I think once you have had a couple of each grind/moisture.. contents like superfine/fine/medium/course etc the same goes with extra dry/dry/medium/moist you will know what suits your nose..

    Then you can choose per style.. plain/floral/menthol/spices/fruit/sp etc etc and you will find out what you like very quickly.

    I myself have anxiety which no doubt causes me to order more snuffs than I will ever use up.. or like, I assume this comes down to subconsciously thinking there is a snuff out there somewhere I would like and missing out on.. I just need to remind myself sometimes that I can not try/ buy them all.
  • Not many, maybe about 20 in my 10 years of snuff taking. I know, I'm adventurous.
  • Probably in the 60+ range.  I've only been dabbling for a short time but a relatively expendable income and two snuff buddies in town helps.

    In my first purchases I tried to be as diverse as possible so got a good range.  I thought shmalzlers would be my thing - even bought two very nice flasks (not the little stonewear poschls) - turns out not so much.
  • As of now, its been 3 weeks I am into snuff in order to reduce / quit smoking. I got a hold of just 4 snuffs as of now, and like only 2 of them to be my regular. 
  • Close to 20 now. Many reviews pending. Just getting more aquainted to my nose.
  • @newbiesnuffer that's pretty impressive.

    After 6 months or so, I've had about 30 different snuffs. I don't like to keep too many open at a time.
  • Who knows? In thirty years I'm sure it's in triple figures, but I couldn't even hazard a guess as to the exact number.
  • @WickedPissah - Its nice to meet someone here who is almost as new to snuff as me. :) 30 is a terrific number. I am a little vary to try the snuffs over the world since the exchange rate makes it too expensive for me (combined with high shipping costs). So for now its all I can source from within India, which other than the six photo are a little tough. I am trying to source some Dholakia ones and working on it. 
  • I'd say about 100. I had TAD a lot worse a few years ago--now I stick to four or five at a time.
  • Not keeping a tally, but it's definitely more than 200.

  • Wow, those are impressive numbers. Now, given I have access to a very less variety, I am considering making some myself after a month or so. Lets see how it goes. 
  • Last count, I had 476 different snuffs.  I have emptied several tins since then, but it's still a ridiculous amount.
  • A lot less than some people here. I think I've tried all the major classes of snuff, but not that many varieties in each class. But after a long period of sticking to about 20 favorites, I'm in the mood for new experiences. The recent SWS. Some South African. A few new Indians. Maybe some of the Toque Florals. Who knows, perhaps a schmalzer. All big gaps in my experience.
  • edited February 2017 PM
    a few thousand dollars worth. I never counted , I know I had written a few hundred reviews years back it been awhile . I know I could use a snuff a day and it takes well over a year to get back to start. Also it is just about impossible when new snuffs were flooding my S.A.D.

    I do not suggest to follow my path, make your own. Buy a variety and use them up. I find I stick with just a few and visit some favorites when reminded. There is no wrong way. If you do buy plenty buy storage jars also to protect the freshness for years to come.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I tried around 100 to 150+ different snuffs blends/schmalzers \m/
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