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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Not another "Is this a snuff box?" thread?

Sorry to say, it is!

A friend gave this to me (it belonged to her late Grandfather) and the more I thought about it, the more I wondered.  It seals pretty tight and is a pain to open.  I can put other pictures up if needed.

Thanks in advance



  • It's only a snuffbox if it's used as such ;) It's just as possibly that this was originally intended for pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco (twist), or something else altogether.

    The bigger and more important question is whether you will be using it for snuff, and what you're going to load it up with first :D
  • I have to say, I keep fighting to open it and it makes me reconsider it as a snuff box - when I finally spring the little b...........ox open I fear that I would dust everyone and everything near me with snuff!
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    How big is it? My grandfather has something similar that is about the size of a copenhagen can, just slightly smaller. It was his grandfather's and was used for moist snuff back in the days when you bought it in a ceramic jar and had to have something else to carry it around in. His is pretty tight so I'm sure it wouldn't leak but it would be way too large to carry just a day's worth of snuff without drying out.
  • I don't own one like it but I think you squeeze the sides and it springs open. i could be wrong but ?
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  • ^^^ I have seen similar style boxes, and they open by squeezing the sides quite firmly
  • EffyEffy Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    It's about 75mm diameter, 20mm deep.  Would hold a great deal of snuff, I have to say!  As for a day's supply of pipe tobacco, that would work quite nicely.

    And 100% spot on with the side-squeezing tip, thank you.  
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