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Strong Aromatics?

I have avoided aromatics like the plague thinking them all goopy crap like the bulk Lane blends, but after having some Firedance my stance has changed significantly. But I was wondering if there are any aros that have a bit more of a nic-punch? Open to suggestions. Firedance is a good medium but I would like something a little stronger. 


  • Sam Gawith 1792 flake, can't remember if it's considered an 'aromatic' or not but it will make your house and person smell like amazing tonquin/tobacco for hours and it is very strong. My favorite all time smoke.
  • Royal Yacht, and Bob's Chocolate Flake both have a good nicotine punch.
  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I'll second the 1792 and add St. James to the mix when it comes to the strength... with perhaps 1792 being slightly above.  There is nothing like 1792.  To me it is THE pipe tobacco. 

    They are "aromatic" but I wouldn't necessarily put them in the 'Lakeland' category - even though that is precisely where they are from.  I may not be "right" technically, but I'm right I believe in terms of what is commonly perceived of as being "Lakeland"- which would be your extremely floral, fruity and nutty blends that smell like no tobacco you had ever smelled before in your life.

    Erinmore, St. Bruno, 1792, Grousemoor  and Ennderdale are in my everyday aromatic rotation (which is a pricey little habit).  There is nothing unsatisfying about any of them.  Grousemoor happens to be my all time favorite and I still cannot figure out how the tin note can be exactly the same as the smoke - but it is, as long as you take it slow.  Not a nicotine powerhouse but a perfect, creamy smoke.

    I strongly recommend taking a stroll through Lakeland country.  Several websites have great selections.  As an aside, Mr.Snuff is the only place I can find where I can purchase Condor.  I have yet to try it and am not sure if I want to.  What if it is the holy grail of pipe tobacco?  What do I do then?!
  • GH Errerdale , GH Glenngarry . Samuel Gawith Black X is strong, taste like machinery guarantee the niccups. Not something I smoke often good for a change. Erinmore Flake I gone though dozens tins. Dan tobaccos make some good aros, Devils holiday is one I favor. But Some aros even not being the goopy type; Taste like hot air and leave me unsatisfied like eileen's dream. There one Whiskey flavored comes in a pouch, I come to like Erin go Bragh ,plenty tasty , SG Bothy flake is good I suggest smoke the whole tin or transfer it to glass jar. GH make some tasty Twists or ropes not powerhouses but good tasting and plenty clouds of white smoke. English type Frog Morton Cellar heavy on the Lat has a chunk of whiskey barrel in the tin worth a try. other already mentioned. Mac Baren Vanilla Flake has a good flavor. They used to have a honey chocolate shame they no longer make it. 
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  • I'll third what @SandwhichIsles said. 1792 Flake. Probably the strongest pipe tobacco I have ever encountered.

    The tobacco reviews website is a good place to get a feel for different blends.

    It seems aromatic tobaccos are intended for bystanders.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Mix in some finely chopped brown twist. I've not found anything that packs a punch like that. As for flakes, I'm not a fan of 1792, but Coniston Cut Plug Unscented never leaves me wanting. I assume the scented would be just as punchy.
  • I'll also second @basement_shaman recommendation for MacBaren Vanilla Cream.  It is a strong, satisfying flake with a very light topping of vanilla.  I usually smoke my flake wet, which in this case masks the vanilla significantly the point of it being almost undetectable (Your mileage may vary, but that's my experience).

    In fact, I had concluded that I didn't care for the blend until I relit a bowl that I had found lying around.  The vanilla was so evident and pure that I thought it must have been some other vanilla I had purchased in the past.  But nope - I dug out the remaining flake in the tin and that was it.  Flakes change so dramatically over time.  I smoked the last of it about an hour ago.
  • I like 1792 but thats as close to a aromatic as I will go, not that I haven't tried them many times through the years but there just not my cup a tea. G'Day
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I will undoubtedly make my way through them all. I only can order tobacco every two weeks and usually only two or three blends to last me just over two weeks, so I will slowly get very well aquainted with them all :D 
  • I'll add a vote for 1792. Aromatic, flavorsome, and very strong. It is the most badass of the traditional pipe blends. For a more modern powerhouse, look to GL Pease Haddo's Delight. It will knock your socks off.

  • I'll add another vote for 1792.. oh wait no. It's bad, bad I tells you. :))
  • Conniston Cut Plug is another high octane lakelandy aro.
  • @cpmcdill Ahead of you there. I love Haddos. I can't get it often because of Pease's price range but its definitely always welcome in my pipes!
  • If you find an aro that you like but lacks nicotine, mix in some Five Brothers. It's neutral in flavour and amps up the nicotine nicely.
  • Condor. Use with extreme caution.  It's said to be the archetypal Lakeland.  St Bruno's has a more agreeable flavor IMO sans the Vitamin N wallop.  Condor can definitely ghost, so I have a dedicated cob, but I like it best in a clay. GO PATS!!
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