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I ain't afraid of no ghosts....

The wisdom of the internet dictates having certain pipes dedicated to certain tobaccos to avoid pipes being subject to ghost flavours of previously smoked blends. I have a rusticated cherrywood set aside for lat blends, and a 4-square panel set aside for "fruity" aros. A Washington cob is reserved for lakelands, and the 9mm filtered Molina Hobby comes into play if a tobacco is too strongly flavoured for me, and need toning down a notch.

Guess what - I rarely use them. I don't need to.

Most of my pipe smoking seems to be done in a Mizzou cob, Ozark Cherrywood, or Country Gentleman cob, and the pipes are chosen based on the size of bowl I wish to consume. I use them to smoke whatever I feel like - be it flake, ribbon, shag, English, aromatic.... everything. The Mizzou currently has half a bowl of Dark Honeydew in it, before that it was Macbaren Cube, before that it was Condor Long Cut, before that an eclectic mix of assorted scraps, before that it was SG 2013 Ltd Edition.

Ghosting is more than just a possibility, it's a certainty.

So yes, there can well be a presence of something previously smoked, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm not a purist, and every bowl I smoke, still tastes of pipe tobacco. I don't enjoy them any less for the crossovers, than I do in the dedicated pipes. In fact in many cases, it can be a pleasant addition. Let's face it, the only reason the ghost scent is there at all, is that I have enjoyed a full bowl or two of something that I wouldn't mind smoking again.

Am I alone in this? Anyone else happy to mix it up and let their pipes infuse and evolve?


  • I agree with you albeit one exception.

    I smoked some Ennerdale Flake in a Nording over ten years ago. It's still in the pipe. I only smoked the one bowl and tossed the rest.
  • Point taken. I don't mind Ennerdale, but I found that I generally prefer CCP Unscented. I can see how smoking a ghoster that you don't actually like could be a real problem though.

    I think I smoked all the Ennerdale in the dedicated lakeland pipe too :-? so I don't think it ever got chance to dominate any other pipe. I can't be 100% certain of that though.
  • Ennerdale seems to be a love it or hate it tobacco.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2017 PM
    Cobs dont ghost like a briar does, and meershaum doesnt ghost at all. In fact the no-ghosting qualities of a cob are the reason many experienced pipesmokers say to smoke a cob when you first try a new blend in case you dont like it it wont leave a nasty ghost in your pipe.
  • JosephJamesJosephJames Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I keep cobs around for new tobacco. I didn't know about its non-ghosting aspects. I just figured it was a cheap pipe in case it did retain a flavor I didn't like. I could then toss it.

    I don't buy meerschaum anymore. I have owned three. Every time I bought one, it was stolen.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    I currently own 17 pipes. All briars. ( I also had 2 Baki meerschaums which I sold as they were not practical and few corncobs which I gave away, for some strange reason I never liked the feeling they gave me). The ones I still have are mostly english brands, but also danish, german, italian. They were used in 2011-2013, then put to storage until October 2016. That is three years of rest (they were always properly cleaned after each smoke, and cake thickness kept to a minimum, I tend to be quite religious about hygiene). They were never dedicated to particular blends, but I used to make a distinction for which kind of tobacco I would put in what shape or size of bowl. It's just a personal system I developed considering how well a type of tobacco (by cut or blend) smoked in a particular pipe. They still smell according to what was mostly smoked in each of them, and they do tend to impart that particular flavour, especially noted when I experiment with a new type of baccy, it tastes slightly different in 3,4 pipes I smoke it. And this is not disturbing for me at all, I find that to be part of the fun. So I totally agree with the OP, ghosting is real, but this should not be robbing any afficionado of their enjoyment of the hobby.
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  • I own 5 pipes. 2 MM morgans, 2 MM country gentlemen and 1 Dr. Grabow something or other. I smoke whatever tobacco I want at the time in whatever pipe is the most handy. I love english blends and lakeland blends and 1792 flake which is my most smoked single tobacco. All my pipes, if you draw through them empty, taste like 1792 Ennerdale Latakia Blend (tm) and that's how I like it.
  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    There was a time where I tried to keep my pipes dedicated, but at a certain point that just becomes unreasonable.  I do keep certain Lakelands separate just because that particular pipe worked exceptionally well for the the blend and I don't want anything at all to interfere with the flavor, but for the most part my pipes are dedicated to TYPE, not to a particular blend.

    For me, it's not the ghosting of the aromatics that bothers me - its the subtle acrid ghosting from plain tobaccos and "English" blends that I don't like (maybe I smoke them too hot - who knows -- I just know they make my pipes stink.)

  • I like my different blends and I do dedicate pipes to smoke them in. Virginia blends taste way better when a dedicated pipe is used. when I pack a bowl of it, in and English blend pipe it picks up the Latakia and if I wanted that taste I would just smoke an English blend.
     I just smoke Burley blends in cobs mostly because they burn fast and with the larger air flow produce a more pronounced nutty flavor.  I don't find the flavor enhanced in other tobaccos when smoked in a cob, since they should burn slower with less heat. To each their own I personally don't enjoy a ghosted pipe. So lets just agree to disagree; in the end enjoy your smoke anyway you please.
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  • Fair point on a Virginia in a lat blend pipe. I don't know if I've ever smoked a plain virginia in a "fresh" pipe. In fact I'm not even sure if I've ever had a plain virginia blend at all :-? Maybe something I ought to consider. I would need to source both (tobacco and fresh pipe) in order to try it though. I may consider this in next month's budget, and try it out of a few pipes. I'm absolutely certain I'd still enjoy it despite any ghosts, but it will be a fun thing to verify :D
  • I don't smoke goopers. I have one pipe for Lats. All the others are pretty much fair game. 
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  • I've been smoking mostly clay pipes lately. A good short smoke and it doesn't ghost.
  • I do have certain pipes for certain categories of tobacco, but my most often used pipe gets everything thrown at it including some heavy lakelands. I draw the line, however, at ennerdale, which has its own dedicated pipe. I will smoke Virginia blends in my ennerdale pipe, because sometimes I want that "contamination".
  • I never dedicate pipes. If a pipe smells a bit like Ennerdale, it's like a "what if.." situation. What if this nice aro had a bit of Lakeland? What if this Lane blend had a little more oomph and quality? What if I really cared about anything? Is there a cure for apathy?

  • I love sauteed mushrooms and I love raspberries and cream, but I'd wash the plate between courses. I like robust latakia blends, but it's a pretty overpowering tobacco, it doesn't go well with a good vaper, another favorite, although I smoke them less often. But I keep special pipes for when I do. If I'm going away for a weekend at the beach, Ijust chuck a few cobs in the bag with some of my standard latakia blend to keep life easy. I don't do particular pipes for one specific blend, but for broad classes of tobacco.

    If I were tempted to smoke an aromatic, I'd use a different cob. I haven't felt the urge for years.
  • wow ive never heard of ghosting flavors. i have one with a big bowl and one with a little bowl. the one i use depends on how long i want to smoke. 
    Sorry I had to!
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