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Oliver twist

Shall i buy some or not that is the question? 
also is it strong and how do i use bla bla bla 


  • I didn't find them to be strong at all, but that being said I was a heavy los snus user. They did however have a pleasant taste.

    I'd leave them between my cheek and gum and lightly chew on them once in a while to release more flavor. After flavor went away I'd throw the bit away.
  • my next conquest is to try snus and dip and the chewing tobacco's
    was planning on buying a load today but checked bank and been stung by
    bank charges ! Fuming is not the word :@ 
  • Oliver Twist is super weak in the nicotine dept. Flavour is fine. I'd go with snus or twist or plug instead.
  • I personally don't like the flavor of the Oliver twists, plus they aren't strong. Real twists are probably a better bet from SG or GH.
  • Echoing what has been said before me, the Oliver Twists are essentially pointless. Grab some Gawith twist/pigtail and give that a whirl.
  • I'd suggest giving it a try if you can find some on sale... for like 90% off.  
  • I've had Oliver Twist once and the flavor was good. I can't get it around here though.  I wonder if you could recreate it by taking a rope and cutting it into small pieces. It wouldn't be as safe to swallow as the real thing but its such a small amount of tobacco I don't think it would do much damage. 
  • Have had lots in the past but would never buy again as it is way over priced and the amount you get in a tin is pathetic. Find other brands of this style and you will be much happier.
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