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Does anyone know anyone in UK For Chew/Dip/Twist/Plug?

Tobacconists are a no go.
I'm in the UK and
am dieing to try some form of tobacco that can be chewed or sucked or whatever it is, so i wonder do any of you guys have a tin i could buy?
I would even buy 1 individual pouch of snus or piece of twist or something if anybody has that haha! 
Sad i know but i'm determined to try it, 

So if you could, please put the word out  or give me a message and we'll try to work something out, like i said i would honestly buy just a lipful or an individual snus if thats what it takes haha! 

Thanks x


  • Just out of curiosity (I'm in the USA) why are tobacconists a "no-go"?

    Most pipe tobaccos can be taken orally if you want to.  I've been known to put a flake in between by bottom lip and gum.I tried SG Black XX as a chew because I had read it was customary for coal miners - it was powerful.  
  • TeknoTekno Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    All the tobacconist's ive phoned have said they're not allowed to sell it any more @jbrentoniv :( 
  • UK chewing tobacco tends to be twist tobacco, available from most online UK tobacconists, and most town centre ones that have the drums of loose pipe tobacco. I didn't get along with it, and would rather smoke it in a pipe than chew it. It's also harder on the wallet than snuff is.
  • I always forget to ask about twist! Was in there about an hour ago aswell, its a pipe shop that i go too so fingers crossed they will next time i pop in there! 

    Cheers @50ft_trad
  • You can buy a single can from Snusline in Israel for about 4 euro . . That's who I use for my infrequent snus purchases to the UK . Free shipping , in about 6 days . 

  • You can buy them from Mr. Snuff
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Think My Smoking Shop does twist at least.
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