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WoS Lemon Grove

Hey guys! 
have got a few messages and comments to reply too at the moment but was just wondering if any of you could tell me what you think of WoS Lemon Grove? 
Bought a 5g tin and i get the SMALLEST hint of lemon from it but i dunno whether thats because it says it on the tin and my brain wants to smell it,
it is also so so so easy on your nose no burn whatsoever, have tried snuffs that were made 10+ years ago that havent exactly been stored amazingly and its just like that.... quite boring really! 
Was really excited to try a lemon snuff ! Perhaps its just not lemon and i'm getting it alllll wrong!


  • It's a while since I've tried Lemon Grove. I do have a sealed tin tucked away for later, but I'm trying to cut down how many tins I have open at any one time.

    If you want a real "in your face" lemon scent, McChrystals Mild Lemon is the answer.
  • Lemon Grove is delightful.  Initially my inexperienced nose didn't pick up much lemon scent, but as I've acclimated to snuffing (and ditched the smokes) my olfactory sense has become much more acute.  Now I find Lemon Grove to be a nice change of pace to other citrus snuff because the lemon flower is the star, not the fruit.  Delicate, but pronounced.  I love it.

    McChrystal's Mild Lemon is definitely "in your face" as 50ft_trad mentioned.  I adore it, and highly recommend it.
  • What's the challenge thing you mention in the vid?
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