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Now that so many snuff makers are cutting their ranges, what favourites should we copy?

Here at Toque we want to increase our snuff range to cover a lot of the classics that others are cutting. We are thinking 20-30 in the next year. 

What should we be adding to our list?


  • WoS Thyme and Lemon, please.
  • St.Omer N.1 would be great but I think that's impossible because of the karotten method...
  • A"viable list" of what snuff and from what manufacturers might get the juices flowing for ideas.
  • Some kind of Coarse Black Rappee could be interesting from Toque!
  • Haven't heard if it's staying or leaving, but could you make a M&W Jock's choice? Ordering overseas from segar and snuff is a pain lol
  • I'd love a pine scented to replace Molens A/P
  • @canadiansnuffer I would like to try Jock's choice, though from the sites I order from this is no choice. What is it like?

    I would like to see a Fig snuff from Toque, in combination with Toques version of a strong Liquor snuff, kind of like a combination of the Custom Gem grind with far higher brandy notes (like Abraxas Premium Fin type strength in spirit) with some cedar wood to balance the high spirit notes with a base note. possibly an addition of some lime, though I am on the fence about the lime (would depend on how the higher brandy notes settle in to the snuff). With a grind somewhere between the new Custom Gem and the Original Gem, with the moisture around the Custom Gem level to hold that deep character.
  • A sort of something with quality sweet-salty chilli flavor.
  • I would say that you need more coarse and moist snuffs to your collection,,, some mint/menthols for sure..
  • I'm still stunned and sickened on what has happened, anyway SG still has Black Rappee, so a St.Omer would be nice, though I purchased a good amount
  • Roderick I think it would be nice if you produced a number of course grain fermented snuffs
  • WoS Thyme & Lemon
    WoS Prime Minister

    I'm sure I'll be thinking of a lot more soon.  :((
  • I'd echo Thyme and Lemon (though I did get 400g of plain SG Crests to make my own)

    Talk to Robert Good at Davy's (Segar and Snuff in Convent Garden) about all their classic range (Jocks Choice, Mature Crumbled, Emerald Mocha, Rumba.....etc)

    SG Grousemoor, London Brown, Scotch Black

    WoS Chocolate Orange, Irish Coffee and Rum and Raisin. One of the more complex Morlaix/Strasbourg/Burgundy/Royal George types. WoS Brunswick was another favourite I was sure to get bulk of

    GH Western Glory, Wild Mint and Ambassador

  • @roderick Will thse other snuff makers not sell you the recipes, or why not be a contract maker for them?
  • Bring Robby's Top Mint back from the dead, and I'll love you forever.
  • Chocolate Orange and St. Omer !
  • ..and WoS Thyme and Lemon 8->

    I'd also like to see a coarser grind fermented Virginia. Maybe Rosemary, but I don't think it'll get a lot of votes.

    ..and WoS Thyme and Lemon. Seriously.
  • Single leaf variety snuffs .

    As it stands , quite a few ecig ehthusiasts make their own tobacco flavours using whole leaf . After April 1st this becomes a huge hassle for UK residents ...and after May , the whole of Europe will be blighted with similar strictures .

    I suspect many nonsnufftakers would be interested in pure , single leaf mixes without sauces or casings . 
  • @Aamon it's unique, it's like an sp with a bit of lavender. Potent stuff, I read a good comparison on here a while back of combining two WoS blends to replicate it.
  • Sarsaparilla or a Root Beer
  • SG Scotch Black and SG Chocolate.  In fact, just more of anything on a moist, coarse, black, fermenty base. 
  • I second Zanuspus re: pine scented to replace Molens A/P.

    While you're at it, Roderick, when are we going to get Fig and Juniper back?  I missed that boat.  :((

    Grand Cairo is safe now, right?

  • LiamLiam Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    bring back wos chocolate orange!!! please! as close as it can get XD and I shall throw money at you lol
  • I think I am the only person who legitimately misses WoS Apple and Blackcurrant.
  • WoS Strasbourg
  • @WickedPissah I'm with you on a rosemary snuff! Though I would like to see a sweet amber in there
  • Green banana
  • @Harlequin I'll second Apple and Blackcurrant. Scentwise, that's got to be a top 5 for me.
  • I'll second sarsaparilla or rootbeer.
  • Is Lemon Grove being discontinued?
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