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OT Baseball

LazarusLazarus Member
edited May 2012 in The Pub (Off Topic)
I know this is a snuff forum but I thought since we have so many members from the US I would ask if there are any baseball fans on the site?

I am currently watching the Boston Red Sox play the Chicago White Sox on MLB.TV and its a good game!


  • What, your not watching the Olympics??

    I like going to a baseball game but don't really enjoy watching on TV. I prefer to watch basketball
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  • The Olympics don't really appeal to me. Not all the events anyway...can't think of anything more boring than rowing! LOL
  • Yeah they don't show the good stuff like table tennis, archery, shooting or any martial arts like judo. Table tennis gets crazy. But I like to watch the swimming & diving, basketball, beach volleyball. Water polo puts me to sleep.
  • Thats right Lazarus, if your going to watch a baseball game you might as well watch the best, the Boston Redsox! I was at both the ALCS and a game of the World series last season. They were amazing games to watch.
  • I'm with you, Trout. Archery, Trap, Skeet, and Sailing are my favorites, but for those that don't engage in them themselves, they make really boring TV, so we seldom see them.

  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited August 2008 PM
    Java, when I was at wyoming tech., my roommate was in the jr olympics for trap & skeet and took a silver in trap and was in training to qualify for trap in the regular olympics. We took a weekend trip to the olympic training center at Colorado Springs, it was pretty cool. I watched him hit 999 clays out of 1000. It was a work of art. The back of his truck was filled with cases & cases of shells that were given to him for practicing. They were a special remington round had the olympic rings on each shell.
  • Go Jays go!!
  • Ah, a Blue Jays fan! Do you get to go to any games Nightcap?
  • I used to , back in the 80's before the Skydome.
    Ah.. the good old days.
    George Bell, Jessie Barfield, Dave Steve, Mookie Wilson......
    Mind you, I used to live in T.O then... Now i'm out in the sticks.
    Plus, I don't have cable so it's hard to keep up with the games!
  • I am a Dodger fan. My dads a diehard dodger fan & back before my dad moved out of state I used to go to Dodger games just about every time I used to go visit as my parents split when I was pretty young. When I was a young kid he lived pretty close to the stadium. It was great fun at the Dodger Stadium and thats how I became a Dodger fan. But that was also back when the Dodgers used to be really good. But where I live everyone is either a San Francisco Giants fan or Oakland A's fan. And in CA there is a huge rivalry between the Giants & Dodgers. I do go to the occasional Giants game when the Dodgers are playing and I'm usually surrounded by giants fans as I'm cheering on the dodgers. Makes for great fun.

    Same for basketball, I'm a huge Lakers fan as Dad used to take me to those games as well back in the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Magic Johnson days. But everyone up here is a Sacramento Kings fan so that makes for a real fun game because those two teams have a big rivalry as well.
  • That's a perfect example of what I meant. He's in the jr olympics and hits 999 out of 1000. Unless you're a huge fan, after about 100 hits in a row, it gets pretty old. Sailing is the same way. I could watch it for hours, but unless you sail, it's only interesting when they cross. The rest of it is like watching paint dry for most folks.

  • Is snuffing an Olympics Game?? If so, I would like to watch it, should be VERY interesting! I'm a cycling fanatic and that's the only Olympics I watch. I love mountain biking and our local hero, Burry Stander, will compete at the Olympics. But I don't really like watching TV at all. I get bored very quickly and can't even sit out a rugby match. I do love comics though and will sit and watch that for a whole day, makes me feel good!!!
  • My baseball thread has been hijacked by the olympics! (JUst like my TV at home LOL)
  • Hi, and welcome to Give An Old Thread A Home Week.

    Are there any baseball fans on the site? I'm something of a rarity, a Brit who loves baseball. Never lived in the States or have any American family to attribute my interest in the game to.

    I'm an Orioles fan so it's been a tough year this year! To be fair, I've been very lucky with them. I started rooting for them in 2012 so I have had a pretty good run of relative success compared to what came in the twenty or so years before 2012.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited September 2018 PM

    It may come as a surprise to you Lazarus and Bizzle, baseball is an English invention.
    It is recorded in a 1749 newspaper of the  day as,

         "Frederick Louis, son of George II ,heir to the throne, and Prince of Wales, played with his friend Charles Sackville, Lord Middlesex, on what is now Ashley Park, in Walton on Thames."

    Read the full article via the link below.

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