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 Three main prizes but eveyone wins!

Which are the 3 snuffs you couldn't live without?

GilliatGilliat Member
edited February 2017 in Types of Snuff
In a SHTF worst case scenario when you would have to spend the rest of your life with ONLY 3 snuffs, which would they be?
For me ( at the present moment, after having tried about 50 varieties) they would be, in this particular order:

1.SG Kendal Brown
2.F&T Santo Domingo
3.WoS Grand Cairo
Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!


  • OregonOregon Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    1. McCrystal's Original & Genuine
    2. Toque Spanish Gem Custom (Ambrosia)
    3. Hedges L260
  • 1: 6 Photo Natural
    2: Super Kailash
    3: Toque Peanutbutter
  • 1. McC O&G

    2. 6 Photo Kailash

    3. SG Elmos Reserve or F&T HDT ...I can't decide it's good that I don't have to. If I had to, I couldn't. But I don't have to, so it's okay.
  • Rooster
    F&T Old Paris
  • 1: SG Elmos Reserve
    2: SG Black Rappee or SWS Aged Border Rapee
    3: Toque Spanish Gem Custom
  • F&T HDT
    Fubar Grunt
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Toque - SP extra
    Toque - Berwick Brown
    WOS - Crumbs of Comfort
  • 1:  F&T HDT
    2:  F&T HDT
    3:  F&T HDT
  • Interesting, no schmaltzers made the survival list until now.
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Any of the over 3 hundred that are currently available.
  • WOS IHT/ Toque natural toast
    American scotch
    Bernard klostermischung
  • There are lots of combinations of three snuffs I can choose. Ideally I'd want a brown rappee type, a dessert type, and something a little finer for when congested. Here is an example array, but this is by no means the only three I would be happy with.

    Toque Berwick Brown
    Jaxons English Toffee
    WoS Dr Rumneys Brown
  • Well, having tried only a few Indian snuffs and none of the foreign ones, my list is the following as of now:

    1. 6 photo Super Kailash
    2. 6 photo Special
    3. 6 photo Cheeta
  • My tastes change regularly, but these are perennial favorites I'd be happy to be "stuck" with.

    McChrystal's S'Nuff
    HDT / IHT 22 / TNT
    Toque Quit

  • Top 10 or Top 5 lists are hard enough, but a Top 3?  I'd actually have an easier time of a Top 2 list!

    In no particular order:
    1. IHT #22
    2. Toque Spanish Gem (Original)
    The third is tougher--I find myself carrying the two above always, but my third smashbox is generally changed seasonally or with the weather.  A few of the favorites that keep finding their way there, though are
    1. Toque Pumpkin Pie
    2. Bernard's Fichtennadel
    3. Toque Grapefruit
    4. Toque Berwick Brown
    5. SG Lavender Dark
    6. SG Plum
    7. WoS Kendal Brown
    Guess if I had to choose just one of them, it would be the SG Plum, but that choice would involve much hand-wringing.
  • Toque Original
    Viking Dark
    Toque Menthol
  • @Alberich, Looks like Toque Pumkin Pie you are going to have to live with out for a while, it lived up to its limited edition title.
  • 1) Black Rappee

    2) F&T HDT

    3)F&T French Carotte or F&T Old Paris

  • Toque Lime Toast

    Toque Whiskey & Honey

    Unfortunately, OM PVT is forever gone, or else that would be my third.
  • Toque USA whiskey and honey. Toque natural toast.  Toque Rose.... i am still rushing to try as many snuffs as possible as fast as possible [and stocking some] i am at 49 types  and counting.....still sorry about the demise of DK snuffs...Prins Regent would've been in my top 3. Strangely i rather like the WoS Kendal Brown i bought a tin my local tobbacconist just got in....i say strangely because most folks here dont think it is a real does it compare to FT kendal, are they similar? which of those 2 should i stock up on? 
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    @marco There is only one manufacturer that makes proper Kendal Browns, based in Kendal, U.K., and we all know which is that one :))
    No need to stock up on, it's production is not threatened yet.
    F&T also has a decent KB variation, but it's not what KB is supposed to be. Their strenght lies in another snuffs.
    WoS (which strangely enough, currently manufactures the F&T snuffs) has never been a player in this field.
    In fact I cannot stand their grind/moisture combo, and apart from their Honey&Menthol and Grand Cairo, I have no interest in their range anymore. ( and I have tried more than 30). But I'm not putting them down, because tastes are a subjective matter and I know there are people that truly appreciate them. "Thanks God" we are different!
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • 1.  SG Black Coffee
    2.  Toque W&H (original or USA)
    3.  Bernard's Brasil Doppelfermentiert
  • @Gilliat no mention of the GH Kendal Brown, which is one I really like.
  •   IHT no. 22
     Toque Quit

     and i'm torn between  W&S  Kendal Brown,  Viking Brown and Viking Thor's Hammer.
  • These are too hard.
  • ConkConk Member
    I'd definitely struggle without Tom Buck in my life, but weirdly when asked what my top three were, it didn't feature. This is a cruel, hypothetical situation that doesn't bear thinking about. 
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