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Six Photo nasal snuff range entire (almost) review - Part 2

newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
edited February 2017 in Types of Snuff
Continued from part 1 in another discussion

Motia An amazingly sweet and perfectly subtly mentholated snuff. This is what I love about most of the six photo snuffs. Their menthol level is adequate and do not have the menthol rebound for me. 
Clears the nose well. A good one for the collection and Ill add this on my next list for sure. 

Medicated No 6 An amazingly interesting menthol and flowery snuff (lemongrassy according to me). If youre tired of your daily, this is for those in between times for sure. I like it since its pleasant. Definitely up for a reorder. 

Medicated No 66 Amazing nose clearing capacity and a must try for menthol and camphor lovers. Stays in the nose for a looooonnggg time. But unfortunately clogs me up with rebound.

Medicated No 666 A very good snuff who those who love strong menthol and something which is strongly flavored with medicated snuff ingredients. A good course grind, but not just my type to keep a lot of. I would be using this occasionally when I am having a cold and check though.

Begum Green Snuff The snuff is actually light green in color (or henna color) and a little sweet. Lasts for a few minutes in the nose and I feel a very grassy, organic scent. I can use this occasionally since its light on the nose. Too light for me though. A beginners snuff.

Natural This is a finely milled, medium to light brown pure tobacco snuff with very slight scent (you need a good nose to recognize that). Despite I am not quite used to taking this being a beginner, I feel its going to be a smooth and steady affair with this one in the future. Decent amount of nicotine!

Special The thing about six photo black snuffs is that they are so damn good. This one though not as good as the Anarkali, would have its own followers. Use it to know it. It is something different though I cant tell by my inexperienced nose as of now since Ive taken a lot. My night cap snuff. 

Coffee Kick Not as I expected, and hence, this should be different for you than it is for me. Its milder than I thought compared to the other strong scents in the six photo range. The menthol in this ruins the taste of the coffee. I might use this occasionally but definitely will not reorder this one. 

My reviews for the Kailash remains. Maybe some other time. Or perhaps you can check the experts on this. They know exactly what theyre saying. 

Thanks Vikas @sixphoto for enabling this. You make some great snuffs. Keep it up and all the best.   


  • I love the Special but it's the only one I've tried. What are their other black ones with the same coarseness and moisture?
  • I once slept off with Special in my nose and it didn't give me a hard time (with dryness and itching) when I woke up in the morning. Well, I yet have to try the Kailash and I will be soon. I am not sure of the level of grind or coarseness, but what I can tell for sure is that the other black snuffs I tried in six photo (Motia and Anarkali) are moist enough to be taken by a beginner and are refreshing. If you love the Special I am sure you may like these better. 
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Updating on the Kailash - long due. The Kailash is simply the snuff with the most balanced menthol and sweetness for me. This is not strong, though it has a good initial menthol blast for few seconds, and then a little sweet fragrance. Along with the special, I use this before dozing off sometimes as it is very calming for me. I just feel its not as long lasting as the other black snuffs from 6 photo, which makes me fiend for it more - not that I'm complaining about using more of it often. 

    Edit - as my nose is getting more accustomed to mentholated snuffs, using Coffee Kick is surprisingly good these days. I love the balanced menthol in it and do it as a waking up snuff these days. I knew that things will change over time. I have this in my next order. 
  • I didn't think I would like Coffee Kick, but I was wrong. It's very good. Somehow, the menthol complements the coffee flavor. Same goes for Chocolicious. I thought it would suck, but it turns out I like it a lot. I think 6Photo uses menthol very well, and they seem to mix in other similar scents. As in the 6, 66, and 666 Medicated. They are all quite distinct even though they all have menthol. It would be interesting to know what other scents they use. I like all their snuffs quite a lot.
  • Coffee Kick is a bit different, isn't it. I wasn't sure at first, Though I could sense the perfectly balanced amount f menthol in it I didn't get the coffee flavour in it much. It did remind me of something, though. A few pinches later I realised what it was - Victory V sweets!

    If you like Victory Vees, you'll love Coffee Kick.
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