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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

How do the different "Cola" snuffs compare to one another.

I've only tried the Toque and Gawith. Tend to stray away from the menthol but both are good once in awhile


  • In my last order I have 2, I'll try to report back.
  • Hmmm , I haven't tried them all but I ve had a few 

    Poschl Gawith Cola - A little bit of sweetener , a bit of menthol and a nice bit of cola . I like this a lot , perhaps  a 'beginners' snuff but none the worse for it :) I ve bought a lot of these and will continue to have a few. 

    Stok Cola Drink .(discontinued) . In a similar mould to the Poschl but not as well rounded . I liked it okay but I ve not bought it again.

    Blast Cola Champagne . Nice sweet coke flavour , Toquesque ,  needed hydrating and airing to awaken the scent . Enjoy it but haven't used pots of it 

    Sam Gawith Cola(discontinued)  . Strong scented .... the scent runs on in my nose from Cola to lavender or something but it's a very takable snuff . Personally I have used it in mixes more than straightup . Will miss this from the SG lineup . May buy a few to store post May . 

  • I've only tried those two, and I like Toque best.  The Gawith is heavier, Toque actually seems fizzy like pop. 
  • @leman

    I just got a toque order in the mail today, and all of them had a strong sent. The Toque Quit, smells just like my Toque Coke, thinking that maybe I got a bad tin from Mr. Snuff.
  • Wilson's Cola is pretty good. The scenting is not overpowering, and fades fast, leaving the typical mild tobacco scent. Overall, it's okay, but I'm not a big fan. I got it in one of the WoS 12 packs of 5g tins.
  • Tried Poshel's silver last night, Not sure what I think yet, will need to give it another try, but the menthol was interesting, the cola sent was off.

    I also tried Samuel Gawith cola, but that was just bland, but that could be because of the tapbox.
  • Will be trying my own bend once the essence arrives. My base will be Toque Natural Toast and maybe a second with the berry.
  • I tried the Gawith Silver again and I have to say, you have to have a really good imagination to smell cola. I get super sweet menthol with some raspberries. I could stretch and say cherry coke.

    It's a pleasant, easy snuff. But I just don't get the cola.

  • Did a review of Samuel Gawith cola.

  • I have the Toque and a little bit disappointed: a weak scent that dies very quickly and not much nicotine at all. It was fresh as (ammonia smell before airing) so it was not due to it being stale.
  • Any "Cola" snuff that I've tried never gives you what your expecting. Same goes with the Bubblegum. Even my homemade bubblegum and cola snuff is disappointing.?
  • :(
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    Toque Coke's aroma is beyond weak. I can't even tell if it's even cola or not.

    I also tried WoS Cola and the same applies. No cola scent what-so-ever.

    Been disappointed with the cola's as I LOVE cola flavored things.
    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
  • marcomarco Member
    i have been underwhelmed with the cola snuffs i have tried. Sam G, WoS and Toque. For me the SG is too cloying and artificial, the WoS is more like root beer and the Toque was "weak". The 2 SGs and the toque  i have went straight into my "crazy Marcos"  now at 150g  jar of snuffs i don't care for--this snuff i will store for a rainy day and use if snuff is someday banned and i run out of everything else :)   the wos  i am still sampling but it will probably end up in the aforementioned jar, 
    Doing one's own sounds like a good idea, could one use the concentrate found at beer supply stores for making homemade pop?
    Speaking of colas, any of you drink "Thum's Up" from India. My favorite cola--the nearby Indian store stocks it
  • Only real cola scent I had was in a non-tobacco snuff: Tiger Snuff Cola... that is like gummy cola candies. You can mix some in with other snuff and it still holds its flavor. Toque Ginger is what I mixed it with.
  • @marco - Im from Mumbai, India. I can't believe you get Thumbs Up over there. People use it as a mixer too with rum / whiskey here in India. Pretty popular. :) 
  • marcomarco Member
    Yeah, Thums up in Salt Lake City ,utah : now if only they had the Indian snuffs as well
  • Get some cola extract. Soak your snuff in it for a day, dry it out and try it. I'm sure it will be better than what you paid for as a "Cola" snuff. IMO.
  • @nicmizer where do you get cola extract ? Are you talking about the syrup ? That would just make your snuff super sticky. 
  • Talking about cola snuffs, how is everyone's experience with Dholakia's Cola and Champagne?
  • marcomarco Member
    Nicmizer, do you mean actually soak in the extract or adding a few drops?how far would one of those bottles go [in terms of grams of snuff?}  i suppose one one use a plain tobacco such as toque natural.....
  • @marco indirectly infuse the flavor with a paper towel soaked in the extract suspended atop a sealed container.IMG_20170223_204113
  • marcomarco Member
    thanks--will try soon :)
  • Use this same technique for my banana fostner and dark chocolate homemade snuff. All with plain(natural) tobacco.
  • @nicmizer - what did you use for the dark chocolate? 

    Give a look back at the DIY scent topic
  • I found that the Blast Cola Champagne is the closest I've found so far to a true cola snuff.

    I've tried WoS Cola and Toque Coke both with no noticeable cola scent.
    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
  • @N1THC 

    Is the Blast snuff real tobacco snuff ?

    I got a Toque Coke and a Silver Dollar cola in the mail today, will get back here with impressions. 
  • N1THCN1THC Member
    edited August 2017 PM

    Yup! It's brown in color and on an Indian Export website I found the below information:

    "Blast Snuff is Developed for Seasoned Snuffer So that They Can Enjoy Tobacco in Real Form. "
    N1THC / WQYV607 - Ham Radio / GMRS Radio Operator
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