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Spanish Gem - Ambrosia 10g tins

This has been a runaway success and due to demand we have brought it out in a special 10g tin. See Toque front page.


  • And I just placed an order two days ago...
  • Placed order for few tins along other Toque flavours. Now I will await postman. Jack
  • Will this be a standard for Toque or considered a limited edition still?
    My bulk will last me awhile but curious if bulk will be available when I need to replenish in bulk?
  • This is an open book. It's the first bespoke that has made it this far since Cheese and Bacon. If you want it in bulk drop me an email and I'll sort it out for you.
  • You are the man, Roderick!

    I just wrote a brief review on the Toque website.
  • I know what I'm ordering next week.
  • just ordered 5! plus 5 crazy George 10g and 50g of berwick brown
  • distainddistaind Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Trying to order now.
  • Nice to see it available in smaller quantities for those who can't commit to bulk. I'm very pleased that I managed to snaffle up 100g. I can't to too much in one sitting as the rustica can get a little overbearing for me, but I am still really enjoying this snuff.

    I'd recommend folks buying this take the opportunity to grab a "normal" Spanish Gem too. It's nice to take a nose full of this and then top up later with the original SG if you want to avoid overdoing the rustica - and the original SG is a damn fine snuff in it's own right too.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    edited February 2017 PM
    It's so great to see this made it all the way to LE status! I'm still working my way through the 100g I already have, but I recommend anyone who hasn't tried it yet, get some. I'd also like to echo @50ft_trad in saying that of you haven't tried the original Spanish Gem, you really should. Spanish Gem is a classic with a really cool story behind it, and I still overall prefer it to Ambrosia. I look at them as two different snuffs. Even the courser grind lends to a different scent distribution, so trying to compare the two is probably unfair. Also, while we have your attention, are you planning on ever re-releasing Fig & Juniper any time, @Roderick? I sent half of mine to a friend to review after I reviewed it on Inna Pinch figuring it would come out again around the same time this year, and now I really miss it.
  • Awesome! Now I have peace of mind to finish off the last of the bulk. Great work Roderick!
  • Just can't wait till someone comes up with another as successful snuff blend as this.
    @Roderick His foot is tapping uncontrollably while waiting for another idea to create!

    Can't wait for someone to make it happen!
  • Just to get it straight, Spanish Gem already uses something like the Quit base tobacco, which is no slouch in terms of strength. And then this is bumped up with a bit of Rustica, yes? Coarser ground and a bit moist? Sounds worth getting hold of a small trial tin.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    @JakartaBoy, I'm pretty sure the base is rustica or mostly rustica. Yes, it's more coarse and moist than the original one. Yes, you should definitely try it.

    @Roderick glad to hear that you are putting it in the regular line up. The 100g will last me awhile, but once that is done I will definitely come back for more.
  • Glad to see it available to everyone Roderick! It's a damn fine snuff.
  • @Roderick, I see that the Pumpkin Pie is no longer on the site, is it replaced by this ? 
  • Pumpkin Pie will come back next year. We have to keep you guys guessing ;)
  • Just noticed there is a Sofortueberweisung payment option on the page. Well, then I guess this is going to be my first order from Toque directly. Really excited for it.
  • Just was able to put my 200grms in a beautiful glass bottle. Looks like something out of the late 18th century. Damn, the aroma is so intoxicating never mind actually snuffing it :-)
  • Corrrr looks like a just ordered my pumpkin pie in time then! Hurry up postman!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi there,
    Haven't tried Spanish Gem or SG Ambrosia yet, however I have an order enroute that includes a tin of both amongst a few others. Some I've tried, some not....

    Really looking forward to having SP Extra again though, a great SP

    Looking forward to see how I get on with the ones that contain rustica, SG Ambrosia and Quit are two which both contain rustica I think?.
    I am somewhat tempted to order an economy bag of Rustica but I've read comments about it that didn't inspire me too much?, mainly about how it smells?. It wouldn't be the first time I've 'went back to' a snuff and ended up loving it after initially not getting on with it though.

    I like SPs & Toasts (most snuffs but not mint, menthol and 'confectionary' types), a strong snuff with a good burn, I have the impression the Rustica has both those qualities
  • @Andy_B I don't believe Quit contains Rustica.  Rustica can irritate my schnoz, but I have no problems with Quit.  (In fact, it's one of my favs!)
    SP Extra's base is Quit.
  • @SHbickel Thanks for that, I was mistaken about Quit containing Rustica, do Spanish Gem and/or SG Ambrosia have rustica can you tell me please?

    I shall just have to bite the bullet and just buy a bag of the Rustica inevitably lol
  • I know Ambrosia has rustica. Not sure about SG, but if it does it's a minor player.
  • Andy_B  ambrosia or rustic gem(I prefer this name) has rustica and Toque USA Whisky&Honey also.
    Only these two according the official site.Don't be afraid of the smell of rustica.It's very nice...kinda exotic!
  • Haha, yes... "exotic". Like gym socks!  To be honest, I do enjoy the scent of straight rustica but unfortunately it bothers my nose so I consider it a rare treat.
  • Thanks @tobaccobob for putting me straight on that

    Well my snuff arrived a few days ago and the Ambrosia & W&H (USA) are both favourites already, I'll be ordering both in bulk come the end of the week for sure!

    I really hope W&H (USA is around in one form or another after this bloody EU TPD crap kicks in, especially with me just really discovering it!
  • Can't wait to try!
  • mine just got here to day and i totally get all the hype. its wonderful!
  • Just got it in the mail today and this snuff needs to be a regular offering. I want to buy it in bulk!
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