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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!

Dholakia - a review of some of their range

newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
edited February 2017 in Types of Snuff
Thanks to @Manit_Joshi for enabling to get my pinches on these, I am able to do this review of few of the Dholakia range of tobacco nasal snuffs. This is my second foray into an Indian range (first range being the Six Photo) and I am glad I now have a fair idea of what India has to offer. 

Experts - Let me know where you agree and on which points you differ. I am sure since I am fairly new to snuff taking, my views might change after a few months after more of an affair with snuff taking in general. Since I have recently quit smoking I realise that my nicotine tolerance is pretty much still there, and hence I am not a good judge of the nic hit (except for the fine dry type - they do have a noticeable effect on me).

Sandalwood - Being a lover of sandalwood scent in general, I did like this. The fragrance remains in the nose for quite some time. Though not an all day snuff for me, it is a snuff I will treasure this for when I crave that woody aroma. The grind is medium to fine and I find it pretty easy to take, though I think this would be great if was a little coarser. Didnt feel much nicotine in it.

Sparrow - This is a nice, straight off, no-nonsense tobacco snuff. Reminded me of quite some of the Madras snuffs I tried. I liked this since it gives me a clear tobacco flavor and clears my head, and it is pretty plain snuff for a beginner with a decent nic hit - but not too high. I would advise to use a small pinch and see how you adapt. It is pretty dry and fine, so I do snuff this carefully. I can keep this in my rotation on a daily basis. 

Black - This is a snuff which is darkest brown to black in color and gives me scent which you get from opening an old damp book. I feel this snuff is more of a hit and miss, but for me, I will use it for a while to see which is it for me. Personally, I don't understand all the rave reviews on this, but well there is a snuff for every nose. I will wait for this to air a bit and see if things change since I received a fresh tin. Not something I will order again for now, but definitely good for the nicotine.

White - The Indian fine dry snuff - something which I like and slowly beginning to love. The scent in the tin is really mild, but that vanished the moment it was in my nose. I must admit that this was tough to take at first, but since I am slowly mastering the fine dry snuff, my pinches per week are increasing due to the nicotine hit. The only tip is - use small pinches! I think it is a little overrated for the supposed foul smell (I didn't get much of any scent!), but yes, I know I am going to order more of this because I just love this type of snuff since it satisfies my nicotine diet. 

Kamal - This is definitely up for an order sometime, but not so soon because of how little I need to get a feel of its aroma - and it is not an all day snuff for me. It is strong and it gives me a good nose burn which I love when I feel groggy or need a good scent up my nose. I feel nostalgic with this, but I cannot really pin down where have I had a whiff of this scent in my childhood - but I definitely have! I would like to use small pinches though because I am not fond of the back drip on this. Feels too chalky on the drip, but otherwise a really powerfully scented snuff. I am eager to try the Manjul and Ganga too since I hear they are from the same fraternity of scented snuffs.

Smokers blend - I really appreciate this, being a smoker, though I expected something stronger. It smells really good in the tin, like roasted dry tobacco which I love, and the scent is pure and stays in the nose for a few minutes. As this matures in the nose, I can smell a strange sweetness in this which I love - but I guess Sparrow is more deserving of the title of Smokers Blend. This is an easy tobacco based snuff for the beginner though.

Swiss Chocolate - I absolutely love this since I love rich milk chocolate in general. I even have chocolate scented attars in my collection. Its like a dessert for my nose, and I think its definitely up for an order soon since its super easy to take and I can take large pinches without feeling swimmy in the head - so a good one to have if you like chocolate, and not much if you are looking for the nicotine hit. This is different from the drinking chocolate scent, and if you like drinking chocolate, then try the six photo chocolicious. There is a stark difference between the two and I am sure both will have their lovers. 


  • @newbiesnuffer Thank for your reviews on our Products
  • GokulGokul Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Nice one @newbiesnuffer!

    Got DW and Swiss Chocolate yesterday along with a couple of non tobacco snuffs. The Swiss Chocolate surprised me with its cocoa powder like texture and smell. Easy to take and the chocolate flavour natural and very good (so good that I was tempted to take a lick). Couldn't feel the nic but has a slight burn. The DW was just like the unscented Cheeta that Vikas kindly sent me. Being used to the Madras types, it was like sniffing flour. It stings the nose but the burn quickly disappears. The nic.. well no amount can satisfy me. I need to take at least 2-3 fat pinches of my stock Madras to feel the nic. Two pinches of DW did make me sweat a bit but was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be. I think the White snuffs need some time getting used to. I wouldn't subject myself to them as of now.

    I think I would enjoy snuffs more like the Sparrow. Would like to try out the Smoker's Blend also.
  • @Gokul - Considering your fetish for Madras style snuffs, you would love the Sparrow, but the smokers blend may be a little mild for you. But it has good flavor. 
  • Anyone know or tried
    Begum green snuff?
  • @Streethassle Dholakia has it own green snuff. It is nothing like the 6 Photo begum. They both hit the market around the same time. Dholakia Green has more of a medicated feel where Begum green is on the lines of a desert or after dinner snuff ; I get chocolate mint from it. Like Andes Candy.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    edited January 29 PM
    Mr Snuff seemingly added some Dholakia snuffs on Friday (seen in new items) which are now showing sold out. Names included White Lion and Lion King. Anybody familiar with these?
  • @SammyD13 Snuffstore still has them.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 29 PM
    @Manit_Joshi, please shed some light on Lion King, Majestic Elephant, Mighty Eagle and White Tiger. descriptions only tell us each of them is "a strong, white snuff", though you have mentioned previously they all are different flavours and ingredients.

    Is it the same good old Dholakia White snuff, scented with different aromas? Which one of them is the least scented?
  • Manit_JoshiManit_Joshi Member
    edited January 29 PM
    Greetings! from Dholakia Tobacco

    Please find below Description for New White snuff

    Lion King has Strong Menthol Flavour

    Majestic Elephant is the most love India Flavour mixture
    known as Betel Leaf mixed with Cardamom, menthol and clove.

    Mighty Eagle has the best combination of mixed spices and

    White Tiger is mixed with Roasted Nut and Caramel

    Best Regards

    Manit Joshi

  • I really like the sound of white tiger.......
  • I would love to try these and others Manit. Let's talk sometime.
  • The new Dholakia White Tiger is described as a natural, non-mentholated Indian white. Has anybody had a chance to compare it to some others: Cheetah, White Elephant, Dholakia White? Does its name imply there could be a new rival for the high nicotine throne?
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @SammyD13 I have some coming
  • I ordered 50g of the White Tiger. First impression is that it is wonderful. It
  • i like the white tiger. the way its described on mrsnuff is pretty spot on in my nose. i would add that its a little buttery, kind of like a madras. its only slightly sweet but savory. and of course its white, fine and dry but i think its easy to snuff
    i have to warn you though that most people dont agree with my reviews  
  • BowlcakeBowlcake Member
    edited April 16 PM
    @Peacock I agree. Its not overly sweet and it is easy to take. This is the first white I have tried so I was a bit worried, but its about as difficult as the SP snuffs I have tried. Just a nice caramel with a buttery roasted nuttiness for balance. I really enjoy it quite a bit.
  • KhefKhef Member
    I like it. I just had to tell myself that it's not flavored powdered coffee creamer in my nose.
  • in my opinion, mighty eagle is the winner of these 4 new snuffs. my nose isn't good enough to pick out exactly what spices are in it but it reminds me of hot apple cider or a spicy potpourri. keep in mind though that it is minty and not like a menthol snuff at all
    none of these snuffs are like the whites we are used to (like white elephant, cheetah or even dholakia white). ive tried all 4 and i can say they will probably surprise you. i was for sure.
  • The mighty eagle and majestic elephant are on my list to try. Is the mint in mighty eagle similar to the mint in super kailash?
  • KhefKhef Member
    @Bowlcake The same here. I always hear of them. I just need to order them.
  • @Bowlcake i just dug out my super kailash. its old and dry though so i cant really say and im not very familiar with it either. from what i can tell is the mighty eagle is a more sweet mint
  • BowlcakeBowlcake Member
    edited April 21 PM
    @peacock I am definitely interested. Ill add it to my next order for sure.
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