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Scottish snuffers

I have been a snuff user for 3+ years now and am guilty of lurking on this forum. I have found many threads here useful and enjoy reading (almost daily) the posts here. I think the reason for lurking is due to never meeting a fellow snuff fan here in Glasgow.

Is there a community of Scots out there I am unaware of?


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Forry I'm not Scottish, but for what it's worth, I think we all like this community so much because most of us, spread across literally every continent, have a hard time finding fellow snuff takers out in the world, unless we convert them ourselves B-)
    Welcome to Snuffhouse! If you can't find fellowship in your city, I'm sure you'll find it here in our little corner.
  • @Hitsuzen thank you for your comment.
    Reading this forum for the past 3 years I agree with your sentiment entirely this forum is a special place. Let's keep the traditions of snuff going :-)
  • Forry,
    For what it's worth I'm a Scot living in England but, I can tell you, you are not alone. We have customers all over Scotland. Some just across the border and some right up top in the Shetlands (well one that we send to) and in every City in-between. 

    I'm sure there are others on here, but remember snuff brings down borders. We are all snuff brothers.

    We are seeing snuff becoming more and more popular as smokers and e-cig users switch. Though growth is only around 22% per year you are bound to start to find others around you.
  • Doesn't Lunecat live in Scotland?

    I'm taking a trip to Scotland this summer. I'll be in Edinburgh and the Highlands, not Glasgow though.
  • @Forry - Don't worry (damn, that rhymes unintentionally :) ) if you dont have a Scottish snuffer on board here. It doesn't matter which continent you're from (though I myself have an Indian snuffer buddy on here). I believe its great to have insights and experiences from all over the world and being here for just a couple of months, I have learned more than I could in a life time of discussion, I believe. 
  • Hi Forry,
    Not asking for exact location but may I ask what area you are in buddy?

    I share the sentiments of everyone that's posted already regarding Snuffhouse not having borders and like yourself have been more of a lurker I'm afraid. That said, the quality of information to be found among the pages of this forum are second to none.

    Like yourself, I'm located in Scotland...over on the S.E you might imagine mostly all my snuff is bought mail order although when in Edinburgh I do always try & nip down to the Pipe Shop

    I'm unaware of any other snuff users around my area though  :-< 
  • Scotland.. I hope to make it to a clan (Maclachlan) reunion ther in 2019.. they have one every 5 sure i would enjoy that. I bet tourin' the whole UK would be fun, especially on a motorcycle :)
    if i had my druthers, we'd fly to Glasgow, attend, tour around some, take a train to South hampton and get on
    the Queen and ride that across pushin' the clocks back one hr 5 of the 7 days onboard..
    happy snuff'n

  • Hi Forry,

    Fellow weedgie here. I don't know of any others in the area but as I am a secret snuffer myself that may be why! I get all my snuff mail order, mostly toque on the whole but use other sites for odds and ends.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    I'm a Scot born and bred. 
  • Long time lurker here from Glasgow. I've have to say that I've also never seen any other snuffer in the wild around Glasgow. Either that or we are all too discrete! 
  • Us Glasgow snuffers should have a snuff convention! The phone box outside the wetherspoons at queen street station should be big enough ;))
  • I've introduced a couple of folk in these airts and pairts, altough not to any great extent, so maybe one day we could graduate to the Wee Bar at the Ubiquitous Chip! :)
  • I know there were a crowd of students at Glasgow Uni who used Toque for a couple of years but the Union banned it and it died out. Interestingly the head of addictions (don't know the name of the dept) at Glasgow is a snuff taker.
  • If it was the GUU, it wasn't until 1980 that they allowed women into the bar, so they aren't renowned for their open mindedness! 
  • I'm not Scottish, but I bought my first snuff at Rattray's, in Perth, close to fifty years ago. I was a student at the time, and used to buy my cigarettes at that shop when I went to Perth, on the weekends. I had tried snuff in the US the year before, but never took to it. However, the G.Smith snuffs I tried at Rattray's were really good, and though I wasn't a big snuff taker, the Red Cardinal and Carnation were my favorites. Perhaps someday, before I'm 6 feet under, I'll go back there. Do any of you know if Rattray's is still there?
  • I see this is an older thread however after lurking hehe for some time reading all these wonderful threads I would like to say hello. My name is Mark and I'm from Edinburgh and have recently kicked the cigs using snuff having been combining the 2 for the past 5 years. I currently have 94 stored in the fridge of which 33 are from Toque. Roderick is a genius and I can vouch for their second to none customer service. I enjoy the Toque snuffs by far and away the most although having developed into some what of a collector enjoy dabbling in 6photo etc, also by the way exceptional and very enjoyable snuffs. Back to the point, I often pop into The Leith Pipe shop and another whisky tobacconist on Jeffrey Street however doing snuff for the past 5 year have yet to see anyone else take it. I consider myself a bit of a snuff evangelist and have given many tins away but to no avail. While I really enjoy reading on here and facebook etc I would love to one day snuff with a fellow snuffer . If your from Edinburgh or are just passing through, give me a shout. Cheers all and keep snuffing. Toque Rules.
  • Welcome aboard Mark!

  • Welcome aboard Mark. I actually had a friend in Edinburgh who liked a pinch occasionally, but he moved up to Forfar a couple of years ago.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    A Joke for the Scottish members.

    Question......What is the difference between Jimmy Shand, and Walt Disney?

    Answer.........Jimmy Shand plays an accordion,     Walt disnae.


    Edit....Please forgive my spelling of disnae.  I lost my      English and "The Broons"    translation dictionary many years ago.

  • Lol Artchoo. Hi Mark, welcome big man
  • I am a snuff user living in Scotland. There must be plenty of us I am sure.

    Yes, that "Lunecat" person does live in Scotland and take snuff ... But he is a real bast'd and we banned him from this site for telling the wrong kind of jokes.

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