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Anybody else a wannabe DJ?

Anyone else on here mix in their free time? 
Or even into electronic dance music? 
I love industrial hardcore techno, hard-tek and breakcore!


  • Never mixed, wouldn't know the first think about it, too old to be getting into it anyhow. Pretty much all I've been listening to the last few years is 90's hard house, techno, trance etc. It's the pinnacle of music for me, no other music makes me feel so good :)  Can't stand modern 'dance', way too much synth and effects, give me some Bonzai or React any day :)
  • Lifelong electronic fan.  Used paper route money at age 12 to buy FSOL, Photek, Aphex, etc.  I don't get into much "dance" nowadays.  Check out my profile if you're interested in hearing some of my own odd productions.
  • I've never ever wanted to play crappy (my opinion only) music all night.
  • No.
  • I'm partial to some trance, vocal trance, trip hop, some 90s techno, retrowave and vaporwave along with its many sub-genres.Made some beats back when and I use to want to scratch and Dj back in the day just never got at it enough.
  • moemojomoemojo Member
    edited March 2017 PM

    Sorry, big time Grateful Dead fan here. 

    I had a girl back in the late 80's take me to a club that played Techno.  Even her Tig-ole-Biddies that she kept stickin' my head in between couldn't keep me in there. 

    I staggered away from the auditory assault to the street.  I threw up in the street though I wasn't drinking.  It felt like my stomach was poisoned and my head was coshed.

    I got in my truck, put on Franklin's Tower and lit a huge doobie.  Life started to be good again.

  • =)) Nice one Moe! "Car alarm" dance music has a similar effect on me too :P
  • The world is a rich tapestry.  :)
  • Yes i am actually a trance/house producer/DJ so cool to see there are some here!!!! :)

  • jungleist massive here! also like aphex and acid house and minimal. i started listening since the early 90's coming from the chicagoland area i have heard a lot and used to go to warehouse parties back in the day.funny how all these millenials think it is something new,yep and i do dj with a mixer. but when i dj i usually play hip hop beats and scratch with a sample.
  • @SHbickel  i did just listen to your music. i think it is quite good.i like that you named a track crumbs of comfort :)
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