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Does anybody have experience scenting snuff with Tonka (Tonquin) beans?

After quite awhile searching I finally found a few Tonka beans. I have read all the information I can find on them in the snuff library, though I am still coming up alittle short with transferring the scent in high quantities. I have soaked the bean in water as suggested and removed the skin (shell) in order to transfer the scent more readily (in a sealed container with the snuff and a peice of paper as a spacer), though am having issues getting a strong Tonquin bean scent as you experience with a snuff like Elmos Reserve.
Does anybody have any personal experience with this process and whether I am missing something?


  • You will need to let the tonka beans sit in the snuff for several weeks changing the beans as they dry out to get a good tonka bean scent and even then it will not be as strong as Elmos, to get that much flavour you would need to make a tonka bean sauce and mix it with the snuff.
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    What he ^^^^^^ said. I would do an alcohol extract. Careful tonka is toxic in high doses because of  Coumarin. so do not eat it. 
    You can buy a bottle on line .  AtBcc8KuaPgAd9FL1rklgK4LQFV9gU0YWnFIREmxwDlW1aQ8aAmK58P8HAQ
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  • I have tonka beans in several jars and boxes of snuff and it's true that time together is what yields stronger scents.
  • I have jus been window shopping at the Wilsons of Sharrow website.

    They sell tonquin beans   25g for 1.99 UK pounds.    That is less than half the price that I saw them on a web based, food herb shop.

    An interesting article that I read about the beans is as follows.....

    "It has also been used to aromatize tobacco although the Encyclopaedia mentions that this use and in food is forbidden now in France and the USA."


    Don't want to be a spoil sport but do take heed.

    It does mention them being toxic as well.    Best to read up before making any sauce and putting straight into the tobacco.

    You might wake up dead if you get it wrong.


  • It's not THAT toxic.
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