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online shops which can ship to South Korea (and few more questions)

KJohnnyKJohnny Member
edited March 2017 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
Hi everyone! I'm south korean and recently I took a bernard and silver dollar snuff. Im almost beginner and i have a few questions : 
1. Which online shops can ship to South Korea?
2. Are there any recommended snuffs for me? I can snuff some fine snuffs because I practiced a lot not to snort, just to smell the snuff.
3. If there is snuffer who is korean or living in South Korea, can you introduce your snuffs or meet together to teach me the snuff world? You can write the comments if you can! Snuff tobacco is very hard to find in our country so there would be little snuffers in here ;(


  • edited March 2017 PM
    I believe Toque ships world wide. has some selection. 
     Someone may point you to other shops.Like Mr Snuff They have the largest selection of snuff.
    Sometimes A country custom office will seize[keep your snuff] or hold you ransom for your snuff [charge you a fee] so keep your order at a reasonable risk level 

    If you are having trouble with fine snuff, A bit of hydration will make them easier to use.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hey Whats up kjohnny,
     I'm a US born korean, although I have been to korea once, I never looked for tobacco or snuff while there.
    But i did hear on another forum which i cant remember said that there is a tobacco shop on the second floor of the hamilton hotel in itaewon. I know they sell pipe tobacco so it may be a good place to check and see. Also i heard there is a indian international market in (excuse my language as i do not know the true name) hooker hill in itaewon that also has tobacco products. Lastly there is a mom and pop shop near ewha womens university subay station exit #4 on the green circle line. Dont know the name but im sure you could figure it out. I'm still a newbie but i would recommend maybe trying some snuffs that might not survive the tobacco ban such as molens de kralingse, fribourg treyer and many others. But a variety of diff brand may help you find your specific taste. Lastly if you ever come upon korean chinese or japanese snuff i would surely trade you if possible. Good luck on your search and welcome! Happy Snuffing!
  • OK! I think I'm more than qualified to answer this question!
    I'm Korean too and have been snuffing/snusing for 2~3years now. does ship to Korea ships to Korea also ships to Korea

    If you need anything feel free to send me a PM
    (As this is an english spoken forum I'm writing the answer in english but feel free to PM me in Korean)
  • @Jsent Yes, there was a Tobacconist in the second floor of the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.

    1. They were expensive AF
    2. The lady was nice tho
    3. Have you catch how I keep referring the place in past tense? The store closed a few month ago.. so sad..

    To see 3 Koreans (Me included) in 1 post? Just WOW!

    To all Koreans looking for non-traditional tobacco products, just buy them online.

    The tax is too expensive

    i.e: a can of snus online is around 1~5 US$ but here it costs around 13~15US$
          a tin of snuff is around 1~3 US$ online but if you buy it here in Korea it jumps to 10+US$

    You can buy Tobacco products without problem for personal usage if

    1. Cigarette, no more than 200 sticks
    2. snus, snuff, no more than 200~250 grams (Can;t recall exactly how much)
  • Thanks for your all advice! Im gonna try at all!
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