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Making honey flavored snuff?

So I know honey scented snuffs exist (Toque whiskey and honey, Wilsons honey methol) but would it be possible to create your own?

 I was thinking you could either put a plain snuff and a dab of honey in an enclosed container for a week or so and let the scent settle into the snuff or you could dilute some honey in warm water and put it directly in the snuff and dry it back out. Any experienced snuff makers want to give me some advice? Thanks!


  • You would want to infuse the tobacco leaf with Raw honey before turning it into tobacco flour, or at least that's the way I would do it, Lets say we wanted to make some Whiskey & Honey snuff, just take some whiskey & it would depend on how much snuff you were going to make as to how much whiskey , then add in some good Raw Honey to the whiskey & spray or dip the dry tobacco leafs in the whiskey / Honey solution, & then  let it dry, and grind to flour & your done with the exception of aging it a bit.
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  • Buy some Granulated honey & crush it into a fine powder with a mortar & pestle.[Motorized like coffee grinder will get to hot and make it sticky] I'd weigh a gram of snuff & add 1/16 gram of fine honey powder then mix well, let it sit a day, then test it. Too much honey add less next batch till you get the ratio right. Once you have the correct ratio you can make a full batch. Hydrate indirectly 
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  • I would try indirect scenting since adding honey will make snuff too sweet for me. There is also the question of botulism.
  • In just 3 weeks one dry tonka bean turned my medium tin of fresh WoS Natural to Honey snuff. Simple as that and no sticky mess.
  • HoneyBee is hard to beat as far as Honey snuff goes . G'Day
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