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Ever Found Anything Untoward in Your Snuff?

Well I just have, for the first time ever. A dead fly lol. I'm pretty sure it came in the tin. SG Black Rappee. Was like a big fruit fly, still intact but very dead. It's a fairly new tin and only opened maybe 10 times for a pinch, then shut again immediately. Apart from that it's too cold here for flies as of yet, we don't start seeing fruit flies and house flies for another couple of months, so it must have come from the factory. I'm not pissed at it, just found it funny.

So, have you ever found something in your snuff that wasn't included in the manufactures description???


  • I would not be pleased. Luckily I have not found any surprises in my tins.
  • Looking for that sixpence in my xmas pudding 8->
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Rust, rust, rust and more rust in Frederick Tranter's Brunswick. 

  • Hairs, beetles, and various other gems in old an now defunct Indian snuffs.
  • I have found tons of weird things before it became snuff, all in bales of Tobacco. A lizards tail (might have been a snake skin). An American cent from 1910. A shotgun pellet (or a round lead ball).The worst was a dead bird. I'd love to hear what health and safety would say about that!

    I know a few members who have found sixpences in their Christmas Pudding snuff.
  • I've found some weird, thick hairs in a certain Indian snuff. I came to the conclusion they were either eyebrow or rodent hairs.
  • @lunecat I get the feeling if you told us what snuff what was there would quickly be a shortage of it
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