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I have just been reading an article on the web from The Guardian, it is about two years old.

It said that the last cigarette factory in the UK was to close, Imperial Tobacco in Nottingham, with the loss of five hundred jobs.

One factory belonging to Japan Tobacco would remain in Ireland,  I assume Southern Ireland.

It seems that most of our cigarettes come from Germany, France and Eastern Europe now.

They blamed taxes, cheap pirated copies, and EU authority health regulations.

What I have been thinking about is this.     

 When Great Britain leaves the EEC will the British find that they have problems getting hold of their favourite cigarettes from the EEC member states.    

The same way that the Americans have problems getting hold of British snuff?


  • Big tobacco will have no problem paying the registration fees and tariffs to sell several million packets of cigarettes every single day. The economics work in their favour, unlike with snuff.
  • I agree. It is almost like a mafia of sorts according to me and a good revenue generator for the governments. Hence they will ban everything but cigarettes..
  • The EEC does not exist. It was replaced by the Soviet EU.

    Plus anything you read in the "Grauniad" is a lie & you are better reversing what ever they tell you & you may find that you are closer to the truth than you might expect.

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