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Ever Dropped a Can of Snuff?

CreatorCreator Member
edited March 19 in General
Sigh. So, I had just about a half can of WoS Winter Warmer fall on the ground! I always put my open can onto my knee and pinch onto my hand. Long story short, the can fell and I lost about fifteen grams of my last can of my favorite snuff. Anyone ever have this happen? Share your stories! I have another where when my dog was a puppy she grabbed a freshly opened scotch snuff and ran around the yard in a snuff fog. Thankfully she didn't grab the other end and that I can buy scotch snuff at the convenience store by my house. Losing this Winter Warmer was rough though!


  • AamonAamon Member
    I'm paranoid about this happening so I try to make sure an open tin is on a solid flat surface after I pinch. It happened to my mate though, and that was hilarious as hell!
  • I think that all the tins that I "finished" where because of spillage. I used to leave my snuff unguarded by my place in shull, that was before some kids spilled more than 1/2 a tin of WoS Lemon Grove on the floor and on a white table cloth. A similar situation with a tin of dynamite.

    Just yesterday I had transferred some OSP#1 to a plastic smash box so I could pinch without contaminating the whole tin. Those boxes can be a pain to open, so after struggling, it pops open dumping 1/2, mostly into my hand. I was able to get most of it back in but that really gave me a scare. 
  • dan11dan11 Member
    I was once sitting on a bridge, watching a Kingfisher go about it's business while I enjoyed a pinch of HDT from a smashbox. Out of the corner of my eye I spot something bobbing downstream on the current. Yeah you guessed it - my box of snuff. It was morning too and I was n my way into college (the river flows through the campus), which meant I had to go the whole day as a snuffless snuff addict.....
  • I had a big can of McChrystals, lemon I think. Can slipped out of my hands and I emptied the entire thing all over my laptop.
  • @SnuffScape Did the laptop survive ?
  • @yisraeldov Yes, I was able to flip it over and use some compressed air to clean it out.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited March 19 PM
    Okay well correct my earlier post. I just knocked over an almost full tin of Viking Thors Hammer could barely save a couple of grams. This is infuriating, due to it being some of the last of my supply and pretty much $25 down the drain.
  • @Aamon That's crazy! Lol. Must have been a little heavier on your mind from reading the other horror stories. Being a little overly focused sometimes hurts ?
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited March 20 PM
    @Creator yea aha just my luck. Turns out the lid wasnt on tight and popped open when it fell off my lap leaving a 2 meter trail of snuff behind it. ahhh well at least I have probably enough snuff to tide me over 2 weeks till an order can get here. Last night I was pretty pissed about it, though had a good laugh this morning at the irony :P
  • Yes, I've fumbled a tin many times. It's never a pleasant experience seeing a week's snuff get trashed in one careless microsecond
  • I shared a story on here once about dropping a full 5g tin of F&T Santo Domingo on the aisle at Church.  Something ironic about dropping Holy Sunday at church on a Holy Sunday.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one, or at least not the only one willing to admit it!
  • yah, while i was doin' a utube, lol.. dropped, knocked over a tin of Sam Gawith's Firedance, lol.. :(
  • CreatorCreator Member
    @1sweetbriar Did you post the video as is, or edit it out? If you kept it, please link! :)
  • 1sweetbriar1sweetbriar Member
    edited 2:43AM PM
    utube, 1sweetbriar or pipes snuff and stuff
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