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Must-have Toque's

Hello all.

I am brand-new to snuff taking and I am very much enjoying learning all that I can while diving in to the whirlpool of styles, brands, grinds, etc., of the different types of snuff.

I would like to know which snuffs in the Toque line would you suggest for a first order. I have not tried anything as of yet from the major producers so I can't say what styles I like or not. Having said that, I can imagine myself enjoying straight-forward tobacco flavors as well as subtly-flavored/scented snuff as well as coffee and chocolate profiles. I don't think I will be big on the mentholated styles.

Any suggestions would be great and appreciated. I realize that you all get these sorts of questions often, but I did a search on here and did not see any threads on Toque suggestions. (I could have missed them, though, admittedly). Help a newcomer out, if you would. Thanks very much and I hope all are well.


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    Some I like other I love in no order
    Alcohol: Ambrosia, USA Kentucky Bourbon, Spanish Gem, Whisky & honey, USA Whiskey & Honey.  
    Citrus: St.Clements, Toast & Marmalade, Lime Toast 
    Natural:. Toque Quit. Natural Toast, Rustica for mixing or straight 
    Nut: Peanut butter, Almond Toast.
    SP: Original, SP Extra, Berwick Brown
     They have Chocolate and any other flavor you like.
    You can get Menthol and add as little as you like. You also can mix flavor to create your own Toque cocktails.
    Too fine? Just hydrate to make them easy to use!
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • DougBDougB Member
    ^ Thanks for the link and the suggestions- much appreciated.
  • Berwick Brown didn't sit right with me - the scent was so intense I could smell it through the package.

    I can 2nd the SP Extra, Original, and Spanish Gem (and Ambrosia if you end up liking SG) for "must try".
  • Ooooooh tough, very tough question.


    But I am struggling with myself not to mention a dozen or more other flavours.

    Oh go on then, Lime toast, Asbsinthe, Colts Foot, ANY of the fruit menthols (and I hate menthol snuff, but Toque get the balance just right between flavour & menthol to enhance the pleasure), Grapefruit (because that was my first EVER Toque snuff,,, now I have all of them, so it must have been good) And finally "Peach" because it is just so peach-y    

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