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Must-have Toque's

Hello all.

I am brand-new to snuff taking and I am very much enjoying learning all that I can while diving in to the whirlpool of styles, brands, grinds, etc., of the different types of snuff.

I would like to know which snuffs in the Toque line would you suggest for a first order. I have not tried anything as of yet from the major producers so I can't say what styles I like or not. Having said that, I can imagine myself enjoying straight-forward tobacco flavors as well as subtly-flavored/scented snuff as well as coffee and chocolate profiles. I don't think I will be big on the mentholated styles.

Any suggestions would be great and appreciated. I realize that you all get these sorts of questions often, but I did a search on here and did not see any threads on Toque suggestions. (I could have missed them, though, admittedly). Help a newcomer out, if you would. Thanks very much and I hope all are well.



  • edited March 2017 PM
    Some I like other I love in no order
    Alcohol: Ambrosia, USA Kentucky Bourbon, Spanish Gem, Whisky & honey, USA Whiskey & Honey.  
    Citrus: St.Clements, Toast & Marmalade, Lime Toast 
    Natural:. Toque Quit. Natural Toast, Rustica for mixing or straight 
    Nut: Peanut butter, Almond Toast.
    SP: Original, SP Extra, Berwick Brown
     They have Chocolate and any other flavor you like.
    You can get Menthol and add as little as you like. You also can mix flavor to create your own Toque cocktails.
    Too fine? Just hydrate to make them easy to use!
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ^ Thanks for the link and the suggestions- much appreciated.
  • Berwick Brown didn't sit right with me - the scent was so intense I could smell it through the package.

    I can 2nd the SP Extra, Original, and Spanish Gem (and Ambrosia if you end up liking SG) for "must try".
  • Ambrosia. My all time favourite snuff for a long time has been SP extra with Spanish Gem a close second but... today, a rare day off for me, I treated myself to some ambrosia and wow, awesome. Only have 2 10g tins but I can see another order going in soon. One I would buy in value bags if it became available otherwise I will be mixing some of my stock of SG and rustica myself. Hats off Roderick, this is a classic.

    My new top 5 therefore

    sp extra
    Spanish gem
    Berwick brown

    And most of the other 55
  • For me the must have Toques are. Toque Ambrosia, Toque Spanish Gem, Toque Raspberry (and raspberry menthol), Toque Natural, Toque SP Extra (though lately i've been getting a strong spicy scent to it, its not unpleasant though kind of strange).
    And as others have stated you cant go wrong with Toque, they can even make weird funky things like cheese and bacon to work. Hats off!
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    A must try Toque snuff is the Limited Edition Fig & Juniper when it's available.Im pretty sure its going to be back since its a spring time snuff.Also If u haven't tried the Ambrosia,You Must it's the hottest Toque snuff out now.And there is 1 of my favorites Toque USA~Whiskey & Honey.
  • Boy do I love this thread ;)
  • @Roderick - so what are your must-have Toques?
  • Oh Chico, that is an almost impossible ask.

    It is easier to say what I don't like. The florals do nothing for me, yet they keep on selling. My pet hate is Cheese and Bacon but, as it sells so well I kind-of like it. I'm not good on Toasts yet I love Lime Toast. I also don't really like coarse snuffs so that puts Bewick Brown on my naughty list. Peanut-butter I don't like on its own but mixed with Chocolate and Blueberry is amazing. I'm a kid again and the American kids at school are swapping peanut butter and jelly for old fashioned British sweets with me and the other kids. I also have a love/hate relationship with ToqueUSA W&H. That one bites.

    I guess one of my real favourites is Grapefruit. You have to use a tin in less than a week or the sent fades and that in itself makes me crave it more. I have recently been playing with Peppermint and Menthol mixed 50-50. This could be down to all the grass pollen around at the moment and it is opening up my airways. I love the fruit snuffs and Absinthe, I love that one but only on hot days. 

  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Honestly, I think I've said this before, but my favorite Toque is still Toque Natural. Nothing at all against the flavors, I have a sizeable collection of them, but for a tobaccophile like myself, I could live on that base for years! Biscuits, wood, and must... I'm going for a pinch.
  • @Roderick good to know about GF I thought I lost my sense of smell. I fixed it with some fresh zest off a very sweet Pink Grapefruit. Now it is sharp and eye opening. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Thanks, @Roderick - a good honest answer to a tricky question, all things considered!  I have yet to try a Toque snuff myself, so this thread will help steer me in the right direction.
  • My new Toque favorite is Crazy George - it works as an all day long snuff for me. I love most of the snuffs from Toque. What I really dont like is Menthol. 
  • The thing about Crazy George is it keeps changing.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Yup its a"crap shoot"the one I got was mostly sweet fruity scents \m/ and had no menthol that I could detect.
    I have a dump jar and it had a similar scent to the Toque~Crazy George I got(which is good).
  • Tried and true- Dusty Rustica. The grind is perfect and consistency works wonders when mixing with more unfavorable snuffs.
  • From the Toques I've tried so far, for me the best were W&H USA, Ambrosia, Toast&Marmalade and Peach.

  • elimelim Member
    Lime Toast, Almond Toast, Spanish Gem of the 12 I have tried. I also really like a few month old Cheese and Bacon.

  • fredhfredh Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    I have tried 51 Toque snuffs. There are so many fantastic Toque snuffs, it is difficult to list them all without forgetting some. However, here are my favorites, in alphabetical order, that I rate at 4.5 or higher (out of 5).

    Toque Ambrosia----------------------------------------5

    Toque Berwick Brown----------------------------------5

    Toque Cherry------------------------------------------4.5

    Toque Ginseng Gem------------------------------------5

    Toque Pomegranate-----------------------------------4.5

    Toque Quit---------------------------------------------4.5

    Toque Rustica (Fantastic but Rated for Blending)----5

    Toque Spanish Gem------------------------------------5

    Toque Toffee-------------------------------------------4.5

    Toque USA Black Cherry-------------------------------5

    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey-------------------------4.5

    Toque USA Wild Berry---------------------------------4.5

    Toque Vanilla------------------------------------------4.5

    Toque Whiskey & Honey------------------------------4.5

    Pease note that I strongly dislike menthol and do not buy menthol snuffs made by anyone, so that is why there are no menthol snuffs in this list. If all the non-menthol snuffs were to somehow disappear, I would no longer take snuff.

  • @Michael Still no Toast and Marmalade. Dam it's my go to in the AM most of the time.
  • bobbob Member
    not sure I haven't said it already Whiskey and Honey is a must try. But my suggestion is you already know what you like. If you like the smell of something get that. They're all pretty solid and typical smell like what they say they are. I joke the Champagne is more likely grape, but it's pretty darn tasty.
  • @fredh Totally agree with you on menthol snuffs! I love the way WoS have introduced the rating system on their website so you can see in advance what to expect/avoid/choose. You have a good few of my Toque faves in your list too.
  • To be perfectly honest you'd be better off asking "Which Toques arn't worth having?"
    Every Toque I have tried and i'd be going on 30ish now have been top shelf snuffs. Only a few that I dont use very often (though still thoroughly enjoy them when I do, on occasion) would be Violet, Ginger and Rose.
  • Agreed! I've had a few I didn't really like, such as apricot and absinthe, but that's purely because they weren't to my taste. They were still good quality snuffs. I've never had a quality problem or customer service problem from Toque.
  • Toque is an incredible line. I feel like I need to try more of them before I can say which ones are the best, but I got a fresh pinch of Berwick Brown in my nose right now.

    I would never have considered it an SP though! Wouldn't this be considered floral? The scent is mostly like jasmine to me. I actually didn't think I would like florals before I bought this, but it has won me over.
  • I like all the ones mentioned that I've tried (fifteen so far) but my favourite at the moment is Christmas pudding.
  • Toque Spanish Gem.
    Toque Berbick Brown.
    Toque Natural Toast.
    Toque Violet.
    Toque SP Extra.
    Toque Lime Toast.
    Toque Blueberry Menthol.
    Toque Rose.
    Toque Raspberry.
    You have to take into account that Toque has really well-done flavors, the florals and fruits flavors will surprise you!

  • The two that stand out most for me are USA Whiskey & Honey and Ambrosia. In a recent order I got Xmas Pudding and have been going through it very quickly. I'll have to get more for the winter.
  • Pumpkin Pie when it comes back in stock. 
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