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First order online!, New to snuff

So I'm new to snuff and picked up a few from a local store (SD natural and WE sweet) the natural is all they had left from the only time they ordered snuff as i was told and isn't very fresh i'm assuming, and the WE is great but a  little tough to take

That being said I finally jumped online and ordered some Toques's today and am waiting on them. 
I got: USA Peach, USA whiskey & honey, and USA spearmint 
Also got Quit, Camphor & Clove, St. Clements, and SP extra 
Also a bullet of raspberry menthol 
I really wanted to try rustica but decided on next time, i really just wanted to kind of try some different things as well as a bullet... looking back i probably should have just paid for two more tins and gotten the 10 for 9 deal but whatever

what do you guys think about these flavors n such for first time user (kinda)?
also suggested flavors for next time and how long does shipping to western states usually take?



  • Try Original and you need to try Spanish Gem. SP Extra is very good.
  • Rustica is very fine, very dry, and very painful if sniffed a little too hard. I love the way it smells but IMHO I feel it shines as a mixer to add a nicotine boost.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    Welcome to snuffhouse. If toque is still making it, you also should try Spanish gem ambrosia. It might just be called ambrosia. It's Spanish gem but with a rustica base and more course and moist
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    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • lunecatlunecat Member
    edited March 23 PM

    F&T HDT, or when you decide snuff is for you SWS Lundy Foot.

    All this fancy flavour additives to snuff is very fine for a while. But natural tobacco snuff is where it is at!!!! And Sir Walter Scott's Fine Border snuff make the VERY best natural handmade organic snuffs, & only use slight flavouring, such as wild fruits picked from the Scottish hedgerows etc etc to "enhance" the natural characteristics of the base tobacco.

    But for cheap thrills F&T HDT.

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