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Löwen-Prise by Pöschl

AlexAlex Member
edited January 2007 in Types of Snuff
The 'Lion Pinch' comes in a Pöschl typical handy plastic box in golden brown colours with a lion at its front. It can be refilled as the box offers an opening mechanism for that purpose. The term 'lion' may refer to its dominant smell, which took over the regiment of one of my storage boxes. If you can't remember where you left it last time, just ask your nose and it will tell you where to find it.

The snuff is medium fine and has a light brown colour. It is medium dry. After being released from the cage, the lion's 'aromatic fresh scent' (to say it in the words of Pöschl) jumps in your face. Easy to snuff, it gives you a mentholated rush in your nostrils. Besides menthol, it contains a strong liquorice scent. As this was one of my early snuffs, it reminds me of a typical beginner's product. It might be only my impression, but the scent seems to be dominant and does not allow having other snuffs in between. My nose can't really recognise other scents for quite a while after having a couple of pinches of 'Löwen-Prise'.


  • Maybe I mixed up anise with liquorice. Yes, that might very well be.
  • bobbob Member
    they are almost the same aren't they???
  • Yes, they are the same.
  • bobbob Member
    I thought so
  • Licorice is a root and anise is a seed. The flavors may be similar but to an herbalist the effects are very different. Generally speaking licorice is cooling while anise is warming. But alas I'm not a real herbalist. My point would be that someone who likes anise may not like licorice or vice versa. I haven't really noticed any licorice snuff. There is some of both types for snus though.
  • bobbob Member
    licorice is also incredibly medicinal. Like insanly unbeliviably so.
  • edited April 2008 PM
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  • However...Licorice is a flavor description used to describe the flavors of these. There is also a fern that tastes of licorice. As for the snuff I'm digging it!
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  • I had a liquorice snuff years ago called 'Tucky' it might have been a Poschl

    Lowenprise is the only Poschl I can stand because I love liquorice. Where I originally come from in Lancashire, liquorice is called 'Spanish' Why would that be? Does Spain have a history of producing it?
  • I got my first tin of this in the mail today and anxiously tore into it. The scent was so strong that I could actually smell it through the mail package before I opened it. Well, Alex pretty much summed it all up in his review. I personally like this one. I was a bit afraid at first that it might resemble the dreaded Chief Bull but it's a totally different animal. The linger factor is pretty strong so it may be a while before I try a different snuff.
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  • I tasted Löwen Prise for the first time about 2 years ago when my son bought me a tin in London. Ever since then I craved it and when I started ordering from Tim in June last year, it was on my very first order. I love it though I don't use it every day. I've got some up my nose right now, it sits so well!! Aroma lingers for a long time. Will spend the rest of the day in it's company.
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  • Yes, menthol is spelled O&G
  • I think menthol is spelled Dr. Verey's Plus, or Golden Glow myself. But maybe I've got a different dictionary than you.
  • Dr Verey's Plus is very good, its menthol, peppermint and spearmint in one go, very nice and very moreish.

  • I taste a little bit of sweetness to it too. I think it's honey, but I may be wrong. It's very very subtle. I know what I'll be digging out when I get home tonight.
  • "It can be refilled as the box offers an opening mechanism for that purpose."
    I'm not sure that's such a good thing , i opened mine and now i keep it taped shut because i'm afraid it might open up in my pocket , maybe i was a bit to harsh on it.
    The contents are pretty good , it does take over your nose but that's a good thing if you don't plan on sniffing different flavors anytime soon .
  • Which company makes Dr Verey's Plus? I must order again soon and would like to adjust my dictionary, if necessary ! To be honest, I've never heard of it before and would like to try it.
  • Jack,
    All of the boxes can be pried open and refilled, just gently pry them open with your fingernail or a thin blade and work your way around the edges as it starts to give. I always place the box on a piece of paper in case of spillage and open it with the seam side down. You'll see why once it is open. The boxes with the rubber plugs are ok but I find the plug attachment often wears out and comes loose. Packard's Club Suff boxes are good because you don't have to worry about the plug. Poschl makes a special 15g Gletscher box that is specifically designed to pop open for refills but I haven't tried it out.

    Of course, there are snuff boxes but very few are designed to allow one to tap out small amounts like the plastic dispenser boxes. Then there are the bullets but that's a whole different topic. I even used a contat lens container as a snuff carrier before.

    I've never had a recycled Lowen-Prise box come open on me but I guess it never hurts to be safe. I just use the Packard's boxes myself.
  • Rajeks even sells refill bags for a lot of the Poschl snuffs.
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  • Rajeks even has those refillable Gletscher boxes I mentioned.
  • edited January 2009 PM
    I've mixed myself some Dr Pieter's Plus. According to walrus 1985 and le man, it should contain menthol, peppermint, spearmint and honey. SO I've mixed McChrystals O&G 50%, Toque peppermint 20%, Taxi Spearmint 20% and Toque W&H 10%. I've also added a small pinch of Robby's Top Mint.
    THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!! Just what the doctor ordered!! But, where does the nice nicotine hit come from? My head is buzzing right now.
  • The first time I used löwen-prise I thought it was like gletscher prise but after I did them back to back I found a big deference. I think the löwen-prise has a bit of sweetness from the an anise and honey that makes the menthol less sharp. I like that and would buy the löwen-prise again before the gletcher. On the other hand, I would use both if thats all I had.
  • Hmm...What's the difference between anise and licorice?
  • what plant it comes from.
  • Ive always like Lowenprise and started usning it a bit more regularly recently and now I think its an excellent snuff, I also love the packaging.
  • I love the Lion. Its silly that Poschl won't ship it to US stores tho. Some of these snuff company marketing guys need to be sacked. Take a hint from Jagermeister and sponsor events, go wild with sample booths at Spring Break, and send out a team of bikini-clad snuff girls to promote the product. Hey, if people can be suckered into buying bottled water anything is possible. Plaster the stuff all over Nascar, they'll stick anything on their vehicle if it looks cool or pays for advertising. I'd love to see a Toque stock car win the Daytona.
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