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How many members ride motorcycles and what do you ride?

Please feel free to share any interesting stories and pictures if you have them.


  • I ride, but I'm between bikes right now. My last bike was a Suzuki GSXR 750. It was going to cost too much to get it back in decent condition compared to what it was worth.
  • I ride, I have a 01 Honda CBR 600 F4i. I purchased it back in November and have already put about 3k miles on it. But now I'll be riding a lot more now that it is warming up here in South Carolina. 
  • 1988 FJ1200 Yamaha - the finest motorcycle ever from the Land Of The Rising Sun.... or anywhere else for that matter. Had it 15 years and still stomps everything that's gone before and everything on the road today. Wanna try? Will easily outlive me, and my son can take her on one day. I'll be watching from afar that he takes care of her.
  • HD Springer Softail, her name is Anna. Iron Butt Association Life Member #22972
    Great way to tour but texting drivers our worst nightmare..!!
    May is motorcycle awareness month..
    I live in a State with no lid law, ABATE motto is "Let Those Who Ride Decide..
    I do miss a BMW K1200LT i had, great road bike too.. I would Imagine the 
    K1600GTL is even better, :)  , but I'll never get ridda Anna, stroked to 103cui (1690cc),
    ported heads, 51mm carb, spirited and joy to ride..
    - i love Horses too


    *real motorcycles have carburators, real airplanes have propellors*
  • edited March 2017 PM
    My 2008 HD Sportster XL 1200 it's still with me, a bit more grumpy as she ages, just as the owner \m/

    It's a beauty, isn't it?  But lately I'm thinking about downgrading a bit, maybe go for a midsize Jap custom for the 70 Km daily commute.

  • AamonAamon Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    I completely forgot to mention, I ride a 2006 Honda VT750 Shadow in black. I have modified it a bit with a full Cobra slash cut exhaust system, highway bars and front and rear floor boards. looking to raise the bars around 25 cm and get a mustang single rider seat.
    I've only had the bike 3 months, I haven't been able to ride since due to a quite severe motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. Nice looking bike and runs well on the open road, sounds real nice too. I may upgrade to a lager cruiser in a year or so though this is a great bike for now.
    @Wulfensteinsson nice bike. How high are those bars? Do you have many issues with slow speed maneuvering or do you get used to it? Im still deciding on how high I want to go 
  • My Father was an insurance broker and when ever anyone came in to insure a bike he gave them two forms to fill out. One for bike insurance and one for life insurance. 

    I still became a biker (ok with a small "B"). BSA Bantam, BSA C15, Triumph Tri Star and my last bike and the most unreliable piece of ..... a Benelli. Last time I rode was 13 years ago. I don't think I could lift my leg over the saddle now.

    Love that Sportster.
  • 2007 KLX 250, 2002 DRZ 400S (full mod),1985 M*Star (Maico) 500 GM MX model convert street legal, 2005 SSR 125 pit,4ea. 1969 z50's,1@1968,4@1978,2@1982 w/Lifan 125,1@1984 w/SSR 140

    Recently offed:
    1973 Honda 350 Scrambler
    1975 Suzuki 500 Tiger
    1978 Honda 750 SS
    1987 Kawasaki 750 KZ

    Hated to part with the true pavement bikes but just to many idiots that can't handle the fifth wheel in their hand on the road. Also shop space is at a premium.
  • @Aamon My ape hanger is 16" (40 cm), given my size it lets my arms in a 90
  • edited March 2017 PM
    @Aamon My
    ape hanger is 16" (40 cm), given my size it lets my arms in a 90 degrees angle
    with my body, very comfortable for medium distances trips (100/150 km

    Actually It maneuvers quite well in slow speeds and with
    foot on ground with the extra leverage to work torsion in the fork, the
    only drawback is that if I want it to move front only or backwards I
    have to push a bit with my pelvis on the seat/gas tank but it' s quite easy , maybe if the bars were higher it won't be near as comfortable.

    Sorry for the previous truncated message, how much I hate the forum software 
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