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Day 1- Love at first snuff

I wanted to share how my first day of snuffing went...I limited my smoking (Cuban cigarettes- way, way better than traditional cigs, in my opinion) down to 4 yesterday and told myself that when my first snuff order (of a few...) arrived that I would not smoke. Yesterday's cigs tasted like hell, save that first one of the day. Today I had that first one and then, wouldn't you know it- my first package arrived- containing-

McChrystal's S.P., McChrystal's O&G, Samuel Gawith Black Coffee, 6 Photo Special, SWS Field of Junipers, and Poschl Bayern Price Brasil

I started with the Poschl after I couldn't open the Black Coffee, which I really wanted to try first...Anyway, the Poschl was really nice and though I have never been into menthols (though I always did like Vicks Vapor Rub but never put it up my nose). I liked the grind and it was very easy to take and it was altogether 'nice'. I am not going to write as if I have any idea of what I am talking about, but rather what I experienced, simply.

I then tried the McChrystal's O&G and was immediately woken up. It shared some characteristics with the Poschl but it seemed to 'out class' it right off the bat. My nose and sinuses were open and alive. I really enjoyed it.

After a break and a few blows of the nose (I think at this point my nose was making what I have read as 'nose soup' and it was running down my face) I moved on to the Field of Junipers which I really enjoyed. The fennel smell was very nice, though the scent did not stay for long, which left me a little disappointed but wanting more. Funny how that works like that.

After a little while, I moved on to the McChrystal's S.P., which I really liked. It had characteristics that the others had not, though I can't articulate them yet. I can tell, though, that I very much like this style. 

I took another break and my throat was getting irritated some- as if I had a sore throat from an oncoming cold. I can't remember exactly which snuff did it, but a couple went right to the back of my throat and I wound up spitting some up. I should have taken better notes along the way. I knew that bouncing around from one to the other was probably not the best way to go at it, but there was not stopping me- haha...I was really enjoying it!

Finally I was able to open the Black Coffee and it smelled great. I let it breathe a little bit but was then disappointed by the lack of coffee flavor/sensation/scent. when I took some in. I sort of looked at the can and shrugged. I will give it a go, again, in the morning- maybe...But the O&G and S.P. are going to be hard to ignore for that first one.

I have to say that I am near frightened of the 6 photo. It smells exactly like my incense burner. I might be a little too new for something of this style so I shelved it for another time...After a shower and a good blow or four, I settled in for the night and had some more O&G, which is really, really great (last snuff I took was over 40 minutes ago and it has stayed with me nicely. I could call it a night like this or keep on going which is a great feeling in and of itself). I love the cool sensation and it actually opened up my left nostril which was a little closed...I didn't get any backdrip or annoyance from it at all.

So, in conclusion, I have not had another cigarette since and I do not want one. The flow of nicotine has been very nice and I have felt very satisfied all day long. During the day I did not 'crave' another snuff, but rather 'wanted' or sometimes 'longed' for one, which was really pleasant to experience. If I had taking some more snuff on my mind but got busy doing other things I was not obsessed with getting back to the snuff. When I could, I would... On a side note, I look forward to experiencing some more 'straightforward' tobacco styles as I love the smell of great tobacco. My next incoming order has some of them in there, if I remember correctly.

I am very grateful to all of you for all that you write and discuss as I have been binge reading on here for days. The suggestions have been amazing and I am very happy. It is really an enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to learning and trying more. Hopefully I can give back someday, as well.

Thanks to you all. I sincerely appreciate it.


  • Where can I cop some cuban cigarettes? Not a smoker but I kinda wanna try them.
  • P.M. Sent
  • Careful with the 6 Photo. Me and a few other people who have been on here started using Indian snuffs almost exclusively after trying it. These days if I am on a limited budget with a snuff order the only ones I get are 6P Natural and Super Kailash.
  • The six photo black snuffs are powerful decongestants. Some English menthol's give me rebound congestion that is when I use 6P or anytime I am stuffed up. They could never be the only snuff in my pocket but I do employ them when needed.
     McC O&G changed my mind about menthol's. Need to try their SP.  
    I suggest you jar up the SG BC to keep it moist. The ammonia will calm down but the coffee hasn't been the same since 2012. Still better than Tia Maria.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Funny what you say about the Field of Junipers.  I took a pinch at about 4AM this morning after I found it buried in my fridge (hadn't taken a pinch in at least 6 months). A few hours later I pinched my nose and WOW was it ever present.
  • I get the SG tins open using the outside edge of a bottle opener - put the tin on a flat surface and hold it, push the edge of the bottle opener against the tin just below the base of the lid where the tin dips in,  and twist slowly. It might take a couple of goes, but then you'll hear that little 'pwshhh' as the vacuum is released, and heaven awaits.
  • @Harlequin

    I'm right there with you brother. I started sampling a few different 6P snuffs, and now my daily rotation consists of almost entirely 6P snuffs. My last 3 orders included a bulk order of 6P everytime (Cheeta, Kailash, Special), and I'm sure my next order will have more.
  • @Oregon - I mainly have the entire of the 6 Photo and 41 Photo range and a few of the Dholakia range.I want to  I've found most of them exceptionally good and have a S.A.D. to acquire more and more. Lucky to have them, though I wish to try a few foreign ones. @tobaccobob , the good soul, has dispatched me a few samples of non-Indian snuffs. I hope they reach me. I am trying to acquire some foreign snuffs and checking out local laws so my package doesn't get stuck in customs since the exchange rate and shipping are too high for me. 
  • @newbiesnuffer yea I don't know your laws but I am pretty sure they can't tax a gift . Now purchases are a different story. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman - the laws here w.r.t. imports are weird and complex. I'm sure they would have an excuse to stop anything if they wanted to - or to demand a bribe. I will be acquiring some snuffs from over the world over time maybe. Until then, the Indian ones alone provide me a good variety for enjoyment and maintenance. :)
  • edited April 2017 PM
    @newbiesnuffer I had told someone on the customs form to put  gift of aromatic incense in powder form.  It went through without a hitch.  

    a good portion of the snuff I use is from India
    :x the snuff
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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