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Snuff - more than just a habit - questions and responses solicited

I have completed 6 months since I first took snuff. It was an interesting path discovering this forum and the wealth of knowledge on snuff and snuff taking. It was a pleasure (though through a lot of research and hard work) to acquire one of the best (or most known) Indian snuffs. I havent tried any of the brands outside India, and might soon start (God knows how. The exchange rate is killing and the customs are just too stringent). 

Snuff taking for me is more than a habit. I used to be a smoker and giving up dependence on cigarettes for nicotine was the best gift I could give myself this year. Despite its largely unknown in the so called 'society' in my city, I am still managing to spread a word when asked 'Whats that you're putting up your nose?!!' with dramatic tones and animated remarks. 

For a particular condition, and for migraines, I started using snuff after reading some books on this subject. I was thrilled to see a wealth of knowledge which people dont know about. Snuff helps me with pain as using it has reduced my headaches by 50 percent.

Snuff for me is also like something which helps me tackle the mundane life and the assholes it has to offer. Its a support system for me now. Nicotine helps me keep sharp (since I have a weird melatonin issue) and it keeps my life interesting. Though my usage is fairly low compared to quite some of you here, it is still a decent gram or two of different types everyday. 

Other than that, I just love snuff, and I love the varieties it offers. I am sure that I'll discover more - but as of now, I'm pretty excited about snuff in general. Maybe snuff psychosis?! (as Uncle Squinty says)

What are your experiences? Is snuff more than a habit for you, or is it just that? 
Since how much time (months, years, weeks) you're using snuff?
Are you noticing any health issues?
How much do you use in a day?
How do you think snuff affects your life for the better?

Do share!


  • You can add a scent to any plain snuff. With natural or artificial flavoring.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • More of a hobby than a habit. And yeah, I consider it an integral part of some dramatic changes I made towards becoming a bit healthier about seven years ago, losing about 15kg, starting to swim and ride a bike, eat better and so on. Not only it doesn't have a negative impact, like coffee it has a positive nootropic benefit. If I was into Castaneda, I'd say it was a plant ally. I was very passionate about it for the first year or so, these days I tend to take it for granted as a trusted old friend.
  • Snuff is a hobby more than anything for me. I gave up using snus, so snuff is my only form of nicotine consumption these days. Snuff is something that I enjoy a great deal, and it's something that (knock on wood) is very affordable for the amount of enjoyment that I receive from it.

    I've been using snuff on/off the last 8-10 years. In the last 2 years, I've been using it daily.

    I've noticed no harmful health issues from the use of snuff and neither has my doctor.

    I use anywhere from 1g - 5g a day depending on what I'm doing.

    Snuff is a mood booster for me. It makes me feel better, and it's not just nicotine that's doing this. Because it's something that I enjoy greatly, I'm generally happy being able to take snuff.
  • I get migraines, too, and nicotine sometimes helps.  Snuff is sure a lot faster and easier than trying to load up a pipe, tamp, keep it lit etc. when I'm only seeing in 2-D, my eyeball feels like it's going to explode, and I can't stand being in bright light!
  • @basement_shaman - Yes, I do intend to scent some plain snuffs. I am going to use dark chocolate food essence to scent my yellow lilly natural and 6P Natural. I just have to acquire the dark chocolate food essence. 

    @JakartaBoy - I like the way you put across the idea of taking snuff for granted eventually :) Glad to know about the connected changes it has made for you. 

    @Oregon - Great to know no health issues despite the time since you use snuff and your usage. I worry about tolerance, since I like fine dry snuffs a lot and use them a lot. Yes, snuff is a mood booster for me too because of the nature of the indulgence and the excitement for variety (despite only Indian ones) and ease of use. 

    @Chico - I can totally understand your symptoms since I do have most symptoms of migraine, and had them at an elevated level. I have noticed my migraines reduce since I started using snuff. Use mint based snuffs for migraine. They help a lot. 
  • @newbiesnuffer -thank, I'll try that.  Do find mint normally good for migraines, like mint tea?  You probably know that some people get triggered by dark chocolate, by the way.  Not me, fortunately!
  • I snuff pretty much all day, every day. I love nicotine and its effects. I do use a couple of portions of General Original snus a day at work as snuff use needs to be totally discrete and can't always be done. I probably use 5 grams a day, more on weekends. I've been at it for three years or so, with no issues. Am I addicted? Probably--but who cares? I do admit to a little "panic" if I run out during the day, so make sure I don't.

    I was a pretty avid pipe smoker, but it no longer interests me--I seem to have quit smoking even though I had no inclination to do so.
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  • A sweet clove-mint is fine and dandy, but peppermint it takes the candy!
  • I found that snuff is the only thing that stops migraines, and I suffer really bad. Some times I can't talk correctly, and I am usually out of it for a day or 2 after. But now when I feel a migraine come on, I can start taking snuff to stop it, it's really amazing. I find that medicated snuffs work the best, but not too medicated, so you can take a lot.

    I think snuff is more of a hobby than a habit, collecting, trading, discussing. Finding good deals. 

    I also find that most of the snuff takers are gentlemen, this forum is a good example. Snuff taking takes delicacy, and differentiating between similar smells takes refinement. 

    I am not, and never have been a smoker, I found it just to be a rude, offensive, foul smelling habit, that never appealed to me. Snuff is just the opposite. 

  • EffyEffy Member
    I get addicted to things very easily, so I do try to keep my snuff use in check - and it is an active thing, I have to limit it or I will just pinch like a fiend the whole day, endlessly.  This way, I keep it as an enjoyment rather than a habit.

    I also find that I smoke my pipes less and smoke fewer cigars now, mainly because I would have to smoke them outside and Mrs Effy doesn't like the after-taste (especially from cigars) which are not issues with snuff.
  • newbiesnuffer you said you haven't tried anything outside India because of the shitty policies.(Iknow that feeling-I live in Greece...)
    if you want just send me your address and I will try to send you some snuff for free.
    Hope this is not a problem with the customs.
  • @tobaccobob - That is so kind of you, Sir. Before I can accept your fine offer, we both will need to check if you shipping tobacco to me individual to individual basis is permitted and will reach me. I dont want your proposed gift to be stuck and go waste :) Thanks so much again!
  • That's ok.I'm thinking of sending you a big envelope with a lot of little zip lock bags(no metal tins).
    So do a research about your country's customs and let me know.I think from my part it's ok.
    p.m. your address when you 're ready.
    For the record,I had a sample envelope from Dholakia without a problem...cheers!
    excuse my english...
  • Hey newbiesnuffer, been snuffing, smoking and chewing/snussing tobacco for more than 20 years. Now, mostly don't smoke but enjoy chewing/ snussing and snuffing. I crave for the snuff though. My nostrils itch in anticipation. Am mostly partial to the Madras types as they smell like smoky tobacco and have lingering nic hit and bite.
  • British, German and American are my go too. I do enjoy a South African, Indian and a Chinese snuff once in awhile tho. Artisan snuff made anywhere I always give a :-bd
  • You could do a lot worse than being confined to Indian snuff. I can understand the curiosity and the desire to expand your horizons, but you've got about 70% of the snuffs I use within your borders. Add in the UK, and that takes me up to 100%.
  • Snuff to me is a habit, hobby, and historical area of interest. I can't say I have any particular favorite type, brand, or style. I enjoy them all. I go through phases of liking particular types, but I've only met a few that I did not enjoy. Its an eclectic thing for sure. In my normal life, I have no snuff pals at all. Most people seem to find it kind of gross because of the nose blowing, dirty hankies, etc. I'm probably an addict, but I don't care. 
  • @mrmanos Do they find it more disgusting than smoking ? If done with proper manners, snuff is probably the least offensive way to consume tobacco. No stink, No spitting.

  • bobbob Member
    yes like a pipe not only does it keep the monkey on my back calm it also is just enjoyable as well and does have positive medical effects. I haven't had a sinus infection since starting snuff and that was a yearly event. It's also killed most of my allergies. I used to get ruined every year around this time by pollen. Now my eyes get kind of itchy and I sneeze a little bit (yes I sneeze less since using snuff then I did before using snuff, go figure).
  • @bob - I agree. I had a chronic cold problem which has reduced 90% since using snuff. I sleep with some medicated in my nose, infact. Dont know if thats bad but it gives me a restful sleep. And my migraines - they have reduced a great extent too. @mrmanos - I am an addict too and I have converted 3-4 people into using it. The phases part, I understand. @yisraeldov - no one even knows at work I use snuff except the people in my cubicle. Infact, they find it rather amusing in a nice way. They find me primitive. I am, in some ways. I like that reputation. 
  • JHighJHigh Member
    I got into snuff because of the different types, and flavors/scents. I smoked cigars and enjoyed pipe tobacco for the same reasons. I can't do the same thing for extended periods of time. Maybe - now that I think about it - that's also why I've had 10 jobs in 40 years.
    Never liked cigarettes because other than menthol and regular flavor they are all the same. I tried RYO bull durham, camel non filters, chesterfield, newport, kools salem, marlboro, bel aire, lucky strike.
    An added benefit - as some of you stated is the allergy relief, I had pollen allergies since about 1984. It was red itchy eyed, sneezing, stuffed up, sore throat, even ear infections from the first green of spring to winter. Since I've started snuffing I don't have the allergies symptoms. But mostly I like snuff for the variety.
  • I thought I'd revive this thread to have the benefit of having more opinions from people who joined after June 2017. So kindly read the original post and responses and let all know. Thanks!
  • I didn't answer before, but will now.

    I have been snuffing since around 2013, and my consumption has been erratic over that time. The highest consumption rate was when I was battling to give up the cigs, and has since tapered off considerably.

    Since the EU TPD fiasco, there are less snuffs to explore, but I am happy with that. There's enough variety left out there to keep my snout happy, even if I lost my multi decade stash.

    Talking of which...

    My multi decade stash is what killed it as a hobby for me. I still enjoy snuff, but don't feel the need to keep up to date like I used to. When you're sitting on a 7 kilo hoard, do not use snuff every day, and never use more than 1g when I do, buying more just seems foolish. I actually just sold off a few of my tins, and gave a few more away, and won't really miss them. Before my stash is consumed, much will have lost its scent, or at least changed during the elapsed time, but I do not see that as any detriment. It is just another step in the evolution of my journey.

    Will I buy more? Probably :P Do I need more? Not at all. Will I ever stop snuffing? Probably only when I stop breathing, or lose enough marbles to not know what snuff is anymore.

    Health wise, I do find myself having seasonal lay offs. Winter time is when my consumption tends to be higher, and I move more towards vape during warmer times.

    Hoarders remorse would be the best way to describe my current status. Torn between thinking being smug for a wise investment, and punching myself in the kidneys for being such an idiot for buying so much. Torn between losing the thrill of the next purchase, and the relaxed security of knowing I will be content should commercial availability cease. Torn between the guilt of not supporting current producers, while also realising they've already had my cash.

    On balance, I am happy. Happy to have a good stash of discontinued favourites. Happy to have potent snuffs maturing and mellowing. Happy to be able to reach for any kind of snuff I like, without worrying if I'll ever be able to replace it. Happy to know that I can still get the thrill of the next purchase, or try something new with pipe tobacco, which I do not keep a stash of. Happy I can just sit back and snuff at my own leisure, enjoying my earlier purchases, without fear of missing out, and knowing that I will enjoy each and every tin or jar I open, as every snuff I did not enjoy has long since gone.
  • I can only get about 50g a time so I'm storing up on the snuffs I can't do without and am very choosy about trying something new because even 10g can be a lot to get through when you have other snuffs you'd rather use at hand. And I don't really want to be surrounded by a hundred tins of different snuffs I'll barely ever use. That's what began to happen when I first got into snuff.
  • @AgentSmith That's how I ended up with my Grannys Stew blend. Rather like Toques Crazy George or the old WoS Confusion, I dumped everything in that I wasn't enthralled about, and ended up with a 500g tub of snuff that was far better than any individual snuff it contained.
  • I got hip to snuff (besides a drunken teenage adventure with a friend's Gletscher Prise that we all snorted as if it were illicit) when I quit smoking cigarettes around 2013. I now use both snuff and snus, but snus is the habit and snuff is the hobby.

    I snuff anywhere from 0-5 times per day, so I'd estimate I only use about a gram per week. It doesn't have much impact on my life, although I enjoy sharing it with my friends many of whom are up for a pinch if I offer, and one of whom even has his own snuff now
  • I used snuff to get off cigarettes. I found snuff to be a hobby, though. I like trying different varieties. I have also purchased snuff ephemera, antique snuff boxes, etc.

    I'm an electrician and once had a job to do at the waste treatment plant. Third floor. Where they burn the poo. My can of Toque Raspberry kept me from retching.
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